Lavender Essential Oil Dogs

Yes, the essential oils can help human beings to overcome mental and physical distresses. So can it do to the animals, and you should not miss the chance to avail of the holistic benefits your pet can boast of. Lavender Essential Oil is one of the essential oils that can provide you with tons of benefits. In fact, lavender essential oil for dogs can provide your loved friend a hale and hearty atmosphere at home. If applied knowledgeably, lavender oil can keep your dog fit and sound while traveling as well. 

Moreover, some recipes made of this oil can be overwhelmingly useful to keep lousy odor, bugs, and fleas away from the pup. Here you go with seven most common benefits your dogs can derive from lavender oil. Besides the oil we are talking about, peppermint essential oil for dogs can help in this regard. There are some other oils to help your furry sidekick and so read on to know about them.

Lavender Essential Oil for Dogs: 7 Popular Uses for Dogs

Lavender Essential Oil Dogs

Bug Repellent

Pets are prone to bugs, ticks, fleas, and foul odor. But it would help if you did not go for insecticides or any drugs at first. First, you should try an efficient essential oil to keep bugs away from your furry darling. Lavender essential oil for dogs can play the most significant role in this regard. You can prepare the repellent in your home, given the ingredients are at your disposal. Here you go with the components:

Mix all the components in the said amount by putting inside a spray bottle.

For Itchy Skin

It is very common for pets to develop itchy skin, swollen reddish skin, and more. One of the main reasons for all those is allergy. Whatever the causes are, lavender can come to the rescue. As such, lavender essential oil has components that protect skin from inflammations, histamine, and bacterial attack. Moreover, lavender oil can relieve both humans and animals from pain caused by skin issues. The best way to deal with the itchy skin of your pup is to try the following recipe:

  • Lavender essential oil – 10 drops
  • Apricot/Almond oil - 1 ounce

Take these two components in a bottle and mix them well. Massage the mixture only on the affected skin location of the pup. Keep the potion away from the eyes and other sensitive areas.

Anxiety Killer

As such, anxiety is not only an issue with human beings. Your sidekick can occasionally suffer from anxiety for various reasons. And you will find him not that friendly at the park or with the guest at home. In situations like this, lavender essential oil offers you soothing effects. Anxiety with dogs happens mostly while they accompany you on travel. And a small amount can calm your pup to ensure the chill and pleasure in the journey.

Not to limit reducing anxiety, you can go for lavender essential oil for dogs when the pup is exposed to harsh and shrill sound. Get the following components, and the mixture will help you when the pup is in depression and excitement.

Calming Spray Recipe:

  • Carrier oil (milder oil) -2 oz
  • Sulfated castor oil or red turkey oil – 2 tsp
  • Distilled water – 5 oz
  • Lavender essential oil – 3 drops
  • Chamomile essential oil – 3 drops

Take those in a 12 oz spray bottle and shake them well to mix the components. Be careful enough to spare the eyes and face of your dog suffering from general or separation anxiety.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is pretty common with dogs traveling with you. In fact, your favorite pup can very easily be affected by the motion of a vehicle. Unlike humans, the nervous system of your pup may easily fall prey to motion sickness. As a consequence, your loved dog can suffer from excessive drooling, nausea, and heavy breathing. But you can harness the deterioration immediately while on the go. Try a bit of lavender essential oil on the dog, which will weaken the harmful effects of motion ailment.

As for easy rescue, you only need to dilute the oil with carrier oil. And the recipe is very simple for you to make that require:

  • Lavender essential oil -10 drops
  • Carrier oil -1/2 oz

Take the two ingredients in a spray bottle and shake them well before spraying on the ailing pup.

Quick Conditioning

Unlike humans, pets cannot condition a new place easily and quickly. But to make your pup prepared for the shifted site quickly, lavender oil can prove to be the most efficient tool. Therefore, when it is urgent for your dog to cope with the new place, take the calming effects of the lavender essential oil.

You will now sprinkle the lavender oil in the place before the pet shifted to the new place. As an alternative, you can apply a small amount of weakened essential oil to the collar or bandana hanging around its neck.

You need merely two ingredients in the suggested amount:

  • Lavender essential oil – 10 drops
  • Lemongrass essential oil – 5 drops
  • A milder carrier oil -1/2 oz

As usual, you need a spray bottle to mix the ingredients in an adequate proportion.

Get Rid of Insomnia

As told already that lavender essential oil can calm anxious dogs. And the same components in the oil can put your dear friend into a sound sleep. Therefore, if you find your pup suffering from insomnia, you should know that the regular application of lavender oil can ensure the furry darling an excellent steep.

The recipe for this purpose will be the one prescribed for calming anxiety. But the application is different. Instead of topical application, you will spray the mixture across the bed and the room. That much will show fantastic results, and your darling pup will sleep better now.

Refresh & Deodorize

Like getting affected with allergen and pollen, it is expected that your pup becomes stinky. It is time you apply lavender essential oil and refreshen the coat of your dog.  You can opt for either the following shampoo or the deodorant recipe.

The Recipe for the shampoo goes:

  • Lavender essential oil – 2 drops
  • Castile soap – 1 tsp
  • Peppermint essential oil – 2 drops
  • Pure water -350 ml
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – 2drops

If you encounter a concern from within like is eucalyptus essential oil is safe for dogs, the answer is a big yes. And to have a more effective or surer outcome, use the following deodorizing spray between the baths. And the recipe goes:

  • Lavender essential oil - 4 drops
  • Castile soap - ½ oz
  • Distilled water - 4 oz
  • White vinegar - ½ oz
  • Himalayan salt

First, mix the essential oil and the soap. After putting vinegar and salt in a spray bottle, pour the soap and oil mix into the bottle. Pour water now into the bottle. You are good to go now. Spray it across the dog's body except eyes and face to replace the bad odor with a sweet aroma. 

How to Choose the Right Lavender Essential Oil for Dogs?

Lavender Essential Oil Dogs

Choosing the right lavender essential oil for dogs refers to finding the pure lavender oil that is not contaminated in any way. Your only alternative is to go for the oil offered by a reputed company in situations like this. None but a veteran and well-equipped manufacturer can ensure the oil is free from contaminants and chemicals. Going for unknown companies offering the oil at a lower price may cost you dearly by harming your pup with adulterants and additives.

Therefore, opting for a company with a high-quality product is the safest way. For sure, the company confident of the high-quality of its products will answer all your queries. Even they will provide a test on your request to provide proof of oil purity. 

On top of lavender oil, you need peppermint oil, organic frankincense oil, geranium oil, and more to make effective recipes with lavender essential oil for dogs. You can use geranium essential oil blend recipes as well.

Wrapping Up

Lavender essential oil is the safest of all for your dogs. But other oils like chamomile essential oil and some mentioned earlier will increase the effect. You must remember that they are only suggestions from people who have used and got benefitted. They are not backed by medical science. Therefore, the complementary ingredients are as essential as the lavender essential oil for dogs.

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