Bergamot Essential Oil Recipes

Bergamot is one kind of plant that bears bergamot orange – a citrus type of fruit. But it is not the fruit or citrus taste that has made it so famous for centuries past. In fact, the oil derived from its peel and the distilled extraction from its juice have made all the stir. And today, we have numerous bergamot essential oil recipes

Surprisingly, they are so popular for their alleged effects that you cannot ignore them despite the noticeable lack of medicinal backing. Without reliable scientific or research-based evidence, people find these recipes as aromatherapy, flavoring agents in food items, and manufacturing cosmetics. In this short article, we have presented the most popular bergamot essential oil recipes for you. 

5 Bergamot Essential Oil Recipes 

1. Personal Cleaning Aura and Room Mist 

Sometimes, you need a boost, and essential oil blends can effectively uplift your mood. Yes, there is a bergamot oil recipe that can create your atmosphere, cleaning all the other auras in your room. 

Add the following essential oil drops in a bottle of 50ml mist full of water and see the magic boost.

Twenty-five drops of the oil blend are fixed, and you can have another flavor.

2. Oil Blend for Nourishing Body

You can nourish your body by massaging the essential oil blends diluted with a carrier oil. Thus you can keep your skin soft and silky smooth. And the best ratio of the blends should be three teaspoons of carrier oil along with seven to eight drops of essential oil. Here you go with the essential oils and their amount in the recipe. For sure, that can give you both beautiful smelling and soft feeling skin. 

    • Bergamot Essential Oil - three drops
    • Lavender Essential Oil - two drops
    • Peru Balsam Essential Oil - two drops

3. Long Kiss Goodbye

Long Kiss Goodbye is a perfume recipe predominantly diluted with bergamot essential oil. In fact, this long kiss goodbye spray perfume will make you and all your friends ready for the party. And the best thing is when going home you will remain perfumed with zero headaches. To make the mix, take a 10 ml bottle and tiny funnel, and you are good to go with the following recipe.

    • Bergamot Essential Oil - ten drops
    • Cistus Essential Oil - five drops
    • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil - five drops 
    • ¼ teaspoon of homemade vanilla essence 

4. Spiritually Aware Men's Cologne

Hinoki associates with spiritual awareness that helps people find focus on their spirits. Thus they can derive peace. But this is accompanied by bergamot essential oil; this oil blend can bring an increased balance of scent and sweetness. Yes, it provides you with sweetness with a masculine aura. And the blend is so simple.

    • Bergamot Essential Oil - ten drops
    • Hinoki Essential Oil - ten drops

5. Natural Oil DIY Fabric Softener

Yes, you must be glad to learn how to make a DIY fabric softener using the natural oil blend. That will get you rid of the detergents causing build-up and serious stink in the clothes.  Now, here is the washing alternative that can make your clothes fresh and clean with properties in natural oil. 

    • ¼ Cup of Organic Lavender Castile Soap
    • Bergamot Essential Oil - five drops
    • Lavender Essential Oil - five drops
    • ½ cup of Baking Soda
    • 1/3 cup of White Vinegar

Final Words

We hope you have learned the secrets of why the bergamot oil is so popular among all the essential oils. Not to end here, the tips, tricks, and info will enable you to join the pro league of bergamot essential oil users. Indeed, these five bergamot essential oil recipes are said to help increase comfort and confidence in daily life. And they can upgrade your skin, are more than a perfume, and above all, add zest to any given day.

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