Ylang Ylang Essential oil for hair

Ylang Ylang essential oil for hair is the distilled extraction of the fragrant and gorgeous looking yellow-green flowers. The Cananga Tree bears those flowers familiar for their unique aroma and so a very favorite to the perfume masters. But the oil is also pretty good when dealing with the problems like hair fall, dry scalp, and broken hair. You can use its therapeutic benefits to get comfort in stressful conditions and to fight insomnia. In both cases, the positive result contributes to accelerate hair growth and reduce hair fall.

As for topical application, this oil can be highly effective in massaging the head scalp and smearing the hair. This is how you will notice a fantastic improvement in the scalp moistening and hair follicles growth.

Moreover, both the aromatherapy and topical application will unleash havoc on the head lice. For a better result, you need to know about the proper application and take several precautionary measures. In this article, you are going to have a brief on all those matters. Read on to learn.

What are the benefits of ylang ylang essential oil for hair?

There are at least five ways ylang ylang essential oil can care your hair. Let's examine them one by one.

Fight Hair Loss

It is a fact that essential oils stimulate hair follicles, so massaging herbal oil essence can promote hair growth. Ylang-ylang oil has those properties that can stop falling hair by moistening the dried scalp. And that capacity of ylang ylang oil for hair has made it renowned in Victorian England. To our pleasant surprise, using this oil to stop thinning hair dates back to that famous era. Ylang ylang essential oil found its place beside Macassar hair oil, then known as a hair growth stimulator. So, if you want a useful natural tool to reduce breaking, drying, and withering of hair, go for this essential oil.

Besides direct massaging, you can use the oil in a steam bath to revive the dead hair follicles. Moreover, it will strengthen the remaining hair and make them look healthier. While massaging the scalp, hair smeared with the oil thrives and survives healthier.

Holistic Natural Conditioner

Insufficient sebum production is the main culprit that causes scalp hair to become brittle, withered, and thin. Now, this is when your hair needs conditioning, and you must avoid the commercial conditioner full of abrasive and harmful chemicals. In this case, ylang ylang essential oil for hair should be your maiden call. Yes, this can be the best natural conditioning agent. If stimulating the sebaceous glands for increasing sebum generation is the crucial factor in this case, this oil does it the most efficient way possible.

As for hair with split ends, damage, and drying, massaging on the scalp and smearing the hair will improve the state. You better prepare them at home for ylang ylang diffuser blends meant for hair growth by knowing about the components and the working ratios.

Scalp Lice Repellent

We know the essential oils to be the most efficient bug repellent. That background tells that this essential oil under discussion will fight head lice pretty well. Yes, you can apply coconut oil to drive the lice away, but it can wreak havoc on the pesky insects when combined with ylang ylang scent. With the potency reduced, the combination penetrates the hair shaft, the follicles, and the scalp skin.

Thus you prevent lice from spreading more or growing anew by killing the eggs. So, this oil will not stop merely at repelling the lice. Instead, it can root out them to prevent further reappearance. To have an even more effective result, add a few apple cider vinegar drops to make the task easier.

Stress Reduction

We all know that mental stress and anxiety is the main culprit of thinning and falling of hair. Unhealthy routine and low-quality products damage hair, and so does the long stretch of mental stress. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to pass long without stress coming from sources unanticipated before. And when the causes of physical pressure are family, work, and relationship, you cannot control the situation to go on the way you like.

In that case, essential oil therapy can be more effective than drugs and sedatives. You can apply aromatherapy or massage of ylang ylang essential oil blends to get relief and relaxation. Extracted from the flower, the ylang ylang scent offers a calming fragrance, and it remains in your nervous system. This way, it eases your emotional excitement and anxiety, leading to reduced hair fall and superior hair look.

Fight Insomnia

The worst escalation of anxiety and mental stress is sleeplessness. When you are hyper, your sleeping habit becomes the first casualty. And days of insomnia and inadequate sleep affect your body internally and externally. And the stricter reaction you notice when your hair follicles become weak enough that the hair falls at, the lighter touch. You will see the hair is falling while bathing.

Therefore, if you go for ylang ylang aromatherapy, the intensity will slow down. And regular aromatherapy may help you magically to get rid of insomnia. Thus you can overcome hair loss and other health issues caused by insomnia.

How to Make the Best out of ylang ylang essential oil for hair?

We have learned how this oil can fix any issue with hair. Having known the benefits and the ingredient, it is time to apply the oil. This is the crucial step as application methods are no less critical because any slip here can prove counter-productive. And the scalp and hair are too vital organs to take the risk of. Let's dig deep into the effective ways to apply the ylang ylang flower extraction for our hair's all-out betterment.

Warming Up Hair

The best mixture in this regard is the dilution of olive oil with ylang ylang oil for hair. At the first trace of the case, mix the scalp well and also smear the hair thoroughly. Now, wrap the head covered with hair with a warm towel. Warming up for at least 30 minutes like this will bear excellent results. Thus the oil mixture will penetrate the follicles and feed the unhealthy hair. And as for hair growth, stopping hair fall, and conditioning the hair, this is highly effective. So, a warm towel spa once a week can bring a charming result for you.

Massaging the Scalp

There is another efficient way to stimulating the dying hair follicles and reviving the scalp and hair. To speed up the hair growth, take a carrier and mix with the ylang ylang essential oil for hair and now massage the scalp before sleeping. In the morning, rinse the massage out, and that will moisten your head skull. Thus this oil will eliminate the root cause of hair fall and damage.

Product Additive

If you run a hectic schedule and scarcely have time to prepare your mixture for your hair care, find the high-quality product of shampoo and conditioner. Now, put several drops of ylang ylang oil in the shampoo and conditioner taken by you. This way you can reduce hair fall and upgrade the look and health of your hair.

Spritz Hair Tonic

Take a few drops of the oil and warm water in a spray bottle. Now, you can spray the oil mix several times a day. Do not forget to shake the mixture before spraying across your hair. In this way, you can keep the hair taken care of.

Best Alternative to Ylang Ylang essential oil for hair

You will find many other essential oils that can prove to be as efficient as this oil. Remarkably, they can increase the target location's blood circulation and thus deepen hair follicles, increase their number, and promote hair growth. Some oils are beneficial during the anagen phase. Among those, tea tree oil for bed bugs can prove to be an efficient lice repellent too. And the peppermint essential oil for beard growth can help nourish the split and broken hair. Here you have some other replacements.

    • Peppermint essential oil
    • Lavender essential oil
    • Tea tree essential oil
    • Rosemary essential oil
    • Lemongrass essential oil
    • Clary sage essential oil
    • Thyme essential oil
    • Cedarwood essential oil

Matters to be Careful of

Whatever essential oil you go for, you must follow the suggested application methods to avoid side effects. And the precautions you may take include:

    • To get the best and expected result, find the high-quality, organic, and ably processed oil. The easy way out in this case is to go for reputed brands.
    • Avoid excessive use to avoid harsh consequences like nausea, headaches, and skin burn.
    • An individual suffering from low blood pressure should avoid these.
    • Do not apply on skin already inflamed and affected by dermatitis.
    • Pregnant women and children are in no way fit for these potent oils.

Final Words

While applying essential oils for hair or scalp related issues, they show lesser reactions and side effects. And the ylang ylang essential oil for hair is not different too. You can go for holistic herbal oil care for your information even when your hair is not thinning, splitting, and breaking.

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