Tea Tree Oil for Beard

Do you have a patchy beard? Does it disable you to possess a dashing beard style? Do you despise yourself all the time for having a cattywampus beard? More importantly, are you the one whose beard is not being appropriately grown? Are you experiencing beard hair loss and wanna regain your masculine charm? Just say "yes," and we're going to solve your problem quite naturally. Yes, you must use Tea Tree oil for beard if you wish to have a silkier, thicker, and deeper beard.

So, scoot over this post and end up with an effective way to grow your beard faster!

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree is the essence that comes from "Tea Tree." Don't confuse it with "Tea Plant," which gives us a commonly used black tea. The botanical name of the tea tree is "Melaleuca Alternifolia." Many people know the tree as an "Australian tea tree" because it mainly originates in Australia's warm regions. With Tea Tree oil's history of culinary uses, the oil is gaining much popularity due to its therapeutic and medicinal properties. Steam distillation of the tree's leaves gives us a clear-colored, woody, fresh, and herbaceous aromatic Tea Tree oil.

A lot of people claim that using Tea Tree essential oil for toothache makes them forget about their pain. In like manner, the oil is also building its reputation as a good remedy for many skin conditions like acne, pimples, and pigments. Above all, using Tea Tree oil for beard not only promotes beard growth, but it also proves itself a multi-talented liquid for your overall facial charm.

Why Tea Tree Oil is a Blessing for Beard?

The use of Tea Tree oil for beard is mainly associated with beard growth. Tons of beard oil and beard balm manufacturers use Tea Tree oil, claiming the oil as a beard growth catalyst. But latest scientific researches say something other than what these companies claim. Things that help grow hair are called "androgens." Androgens incorporate with your natural testosterone, and as a result, you experience hair growth on different parts of the body. Since Tea Tree oil doesn't contain any androgens, how can it promote beard hair growth? Here, science says right! But hold on a sec.

At the same time, science suggests Tea Tree oil may enhance beard growth efficiently. We're going to logically prove why science is in favor of using Tea Tree oil for beard growth.

Acne Removal

For centuries, people have been using different parts of tea trees for various skin conditions. Today, many people are using Tea Tree oil for the same purpose. The oil has a component named "Gamma-Terpinene." This component kills infectious bacteria that cause acne. One way or the other, facial skin full of acne prevents beard growth. So, the less the acne on the face, the more the beard will grow!

Says Good-Bye to Dandruff

Head is not the only place dandruff can appear and cause hair loss. Unsurprisingly, each one out of ten men finds dandruff in their beard, which ultimately leads to beard hair loss. Research shows that the use of Tea Tree oil for beard may help get rid of dandruff quickly.

Unblocks Clogged Pores

Tea Tree oil's therapeutic properties naturally unclog hair follicles. The oil has the potency to go deeper into skin pores and open them to promote hair growth.

Circulates Blood flow

To speak further, lack of blood flow to the beard scalp also leads to slow hair growth. Tea Tree oil also solves this problem of yours! Using Tea Tree oil for beard stimulates proper blood flow to beard scalp vessels and results in fast and accurate hair growth.

What is the Icing on the Cake here?

That is all about how Tea Tree oil promotes beard growth. Additionally, Tea Tree oil also enhances the overall look and beauty of your beard. The oil retains moisture, gives sparkling touch, and cleanses your beard. The oil is also very useful for itching caused by dust or any pimples underneath beard hair.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Beard in a Safe Manner?

Improper use of Tea Tree oil for beard can put you in trouble. The following are the ways to use the oil properly and the risks associated with Tea Tree oil.

    • Firstly, never apply the oil unless you dilute it. Using undiluted Tea Tree oil for beard can cause long-lasting skin irritation or skin burn. It would be best if you dilute Tea Tree oil with coconut oil since coconut oil is a suitable carrier oil.
    • Secondly, some men have such sensitive skin that even diluted oil can negatively affect their skin. For this, apply four drops of diluted Tea Tree oil and leave it for a few hours. If you don't feel any negative impact, you can then use the oil properly.
    • Thirdly, be careful about not ingesting the oil. Ingesting even 4-5 drops of the oil is enough to cause throat infection or severe stomach pain.
    • Moreover, don't let the oil touch your lips. Lips are ten times sensitive than other parts of the face. You may experience severe itching, rashes, or redness on lips if they come in contact with the oil.
    • Lastly, don't use Tea Tree oil for beard if you have eczema. The oil gives an intense warm sensation when applied to the skin, which is not appropriate for eczema patients. Honestly advising, seek for some alternative for your beard-related issues.

Best DIY Blends of Other Essential Oils and Tea Tree Oil for Beard

We're going to build a team! A team of carrier oils that give your beard massive benefits when combined with Tea Tree oil. Like Tea Tree oil, all these carrier oils are proved to be very good for hair and skin health. Let's take a look at different blends of these oils for various purposes.

Beard and Skin Cleansing Blend

Jojoba oil has built its reputation as a natural skin cleanser. Apart from it, this oil also restores moisture to your beard. You can increase the quantities of both oils as per your need.

Calming and Soothing Blend

Peppermint essential oil is well-known for its calming and soothing properties. Also, using Peppermint essential oil for beard growth might prove to be a clutch.

Best Blend to Eliminate Acne

We praise Lavender essential oil for its therapeutic qualities and its ability to remove acne and pigments from skin. Not only this, Lavender essential oil may help heal burns and wounds.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Beard?

You'll need a dropper to use each blend. Mix the blend well before using it. Don't use your fingers to apply the blend to your beard. This way, you will be more likely to waste the mixture as you'll have to wash your fingers full of oils.

Why Choose VINEVIDA for Tea Tree Essential Oil?

100% Purity

Buying essential oils means you're going to buy something natural. Unfortunately, thousands of essential oil sellers fill their products with unnatural and synthetic chemicals. As a result, their product can no longer remain a safe-to-use liquid for you. Our essential oils are entirely natural, and we make sure not to turn our essential oils to be synthetic ones.

High-Quality Plant Sourcing

We take full responsibility and collect fresh plants for our essential oils. We always prioritize our customers' health and safety.

Ultra-Fast Delivery

It takes just one business day for us to hand you over our essential oils! 

Sustainable Ingredients

Since we always choose fresh and quality plants for essential oils and use no harmful chemicals, thus you enjoy the same quality of the product as you did for the first time!

Affordable Pricing

No extra charges – no unnecessary taxes! Instead, we always remain honest to our customers and enable them to buy our essential oils at their ease.

All in All

Men are very possessive about their beard as it covers a significant portion of their facial beauty. If you notice that your beard is not growing correctly, we suggest using Tea Tree oil for beard. Science proves that Tea Tree oil helps grow a beard by rejuvenating many facial skin conditions. Furthermore, we mentioned some Tea Tree oil blends and ways how you can use them safely. We're quite confident that choosing VINEVIDA for Tea Tree oil will be a plus for your bucks.

Always remember that nothing can give you a masculine beauty as mother nature can do. We wish you a good, charming, and gorgeous look!

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