Peppermint Essential Oil Beard Growth

Beard is one of the masculine symptoms of man. You certainly want your beard hair to be healthy and strong. But some people face difficulty in growing beards and suffer from thinning their beard for various reasons. In this connection, Peppermint essential oil can come to their rescue. In this article, we will learn the uses and benefits of peppermint essential oil for beard growth.

Not to surprise, it possesses the ability to go inside the skin and show its function is highly appreciable. As a result, you can get the most desired health, strength, and growth of your beard. 

Worried about its side effect?

Indeed, essential oils are extracted and distilled essence of the plant. So is Peppermint essential oil. Like other essential oils, this oil is a huge turn-on for facial and scalp hair growth. But it would help if you use it with care and full knowledge to avoid side effects. The properties of the oil may stop hair fall, accelerate hair growth, and improve hair health. 

With knowledgeable applications and specific doses, the essential oil will boost your beard growth. And so, the Peppermint essential oil enjoys high recommendation for the development of the beard.

Why Peppermint Essential Oil for Beard Growth? 

Peppermint Essential Oil for Beard Growth

Peppermint essential oil is often extracted from either fresh or dried peppermint leaves using alcohol as a solvent. 

And the oil not only smells refreshing and minty but also helps in growing a beard. It helps to stimulate better blood circulation underneath the skin. The increased blood flow helps to bring more nutrients to the hair follicle to your utter comfort, resulting in it growing faster, fuller, and healthier.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is pretty famous for affecting male hair growth. Moreover, DHT has been linked to many male health problems, including baldness. Certainly, Peppermint essential oil helps block the DHT and increases blood flow to the hair follicles. By doing this, it helps to bring more nutrients to the beard and make it much healthier. 

These are all the reasons the phrase goes like peppermint essential oil for beard growth. Worth noticing, the emphasis is on the reason – beard growth.  

Various Causes of Unhealthy Beard Hair or Loss of Them

There are so many reasons people lose their beard. The beard may not appear on your mouth for your utter dismay even if you have reached the adult stage. Let's glance at the various causes that may lead to hair loss or no beard or minimal beard growth. And these are factors peppermint essential oil for beard growth is there to fight to. Here you go with the causes of beard hair loss.

Alopecia Barbae

Indeed distress, your beard may suddenly start thinning, and you may encounter beard hair loss. This may result from a disorder in your body's immune system. And this is the autoimmune disease known to be Alopecia Barbae. 

The symptom of the said disease is the beard loss on some small circular location of your beard. However, this is not a fatal health risk to get extremely worried about.  But you should immediately consult an expert physician. 

Testosterone & DHT Levels

DHT – dihydrotestosterone- is a crucial hormone that is responsible for forming male characteristics. For your information, DHT is a byproduct of testosterone, and an excess level of this can cause hair loss. It is because, when the level of DHT rises abnormally, it binds the hair follicles. 

Thus it stops hair growth or beard hair. It may lead to weakening and slowing down hair growth, and at one stage, no new hair will sprout along the beard region. 

This thinning or loss of hair has a terminology -'miniaturization'. 


When someone is going through extreme stress for a mental break up or over-pressure of a hectic work schedule, it can cause so many health issues. And one of the disgusting effects would be that your hair and beard may start falling. 

Moreover, it can severely affect the immune system leading to a negative impact on the beard. The best solution is to reduce and eliminate stress. That is where essential oil in general and Peppermint essential oil, in particular, can help you. 


Irregular diet or intake with a low amount of vitamins and minerals can harm your beard health and other health risks. Not to avoid the lack of the required amount of iron can contribute to hair loss. 

These are the causes of hair loss, and some of them can be treated with and cured with essential oil—conversely, some warrants dietary change and other remedial actions. We get along with the ways that tell how to use peppermint essential oil for beard growth

How Peppermint Essential Oil Contributes to Beard Growth

Peppermint essential oil not only pushes the beard to grow faster and thicker but also increases the amount of activity of the hair follicles. For your information, hair follicles don't grow at the same rate at the same time. As a result, sometimes we can see the discontinuation of beards in different areas.

Essential oil helps to solve this problem by giving a kick start to additional follicles into a growth phase. And this makes the beard appear thicker due to the increased hair follicle density. 

Not to limit peppermint essential oil for beard growth, this oil gives a shiny and healthy look to the beard. Besides, the refreshing minty scent of peppermint oil stays for an extended period and helps keep the mind rejoiced. Essential oil not only helps to grow a beard but also takes care of your skin by stimulating better blood circulation beneath the skin.

In addition to the beard oil properties like preventing dandruff and moisturizing the skin beneath the beard, peppermint essential beard oil gives the beard a soft texture, refreshing smell, and a cooling sensation.

There are more benefits beyond smelling fresh. It gives you a royal look, and you will feel awesome. Even you may be the center of attention whenever you walk into a room.  It will be able to boost your confidence too.

How to Prepare Peppermint Essential Oil for Beard Growth?

Now, you need three things to prepare your stimulation oil with 3% of peppermint essential oil dilution. These three things are 1) Carrier oil, 2) Peppermint essential oil, and 3) A dropper bottle.

Dilute 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil with 25ml of carrier oil. Carrier oils not only dilute the concentrated oils but also provide moisturizing properties and antioxidants to the skin and beard. Never apply concentrated peppermint essential oil directly into the skin. As it is incredibly potent and volatile, it will certainly burn your skin and cause discomfort.

First, collect the diluted mixture with the dropper. Then apply it to the areas of your cheeks with the dropper. Then rub your cheeks with your hand thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. 

Make sure that your hands don't make any contact with your eyes or mouth. Continue doing this 1-2 times a day to stimulate growth. By doing this regularly, you will be able to have a healthy beard. 

These are the ways that allegedly are highly effective to apply peppermint essential oil for beard growth.

Cautions while Using Peppermint Essential Oil for Beard

Some caution measures to take while using the essential oil to avoid any trouble. They are:

    • Store the Peppermint essential oil at a cold and dark place. Keep the essential oil out of the reach of children.
    • Don't make any direct contact with the essential oil.
    • Make sure to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil in an appropriate ratio.
    • Please don't use it excessively.
    • Use a dropper while applying to the skin.
    • Consult with a skin specialist before using the essential oil.
    • If you buy from the market, make sure that it is certified to be 100% usable. 
    • Make sure that pets and children do not ingest it.

FAQs Regarding Peppermint Essential Oil for Beard Growth

How does peppermint essential oil contribute to beard growth?

It is said that peppermint essential oil is the most effective in beard growth. But this works the best when applied directly to the skin. To say clear, when the oil falls in the follicle, it gets absorbed to revive the root. Thus peppermint oil helps the growth of facial hair. 

What is anagen and its relation to hair or beard growth?

The authentic term would be the anagen stage, which is the early period of any hair growth. In this stage, hair grows fast in the facial or other parts of the body and doesn't tend to rest or shed. When we apply Peppermint essential oil or other potion, the anagen stage is revived. And the dying or dried follicles get fresh and productive again. 

How can you make DIY beard oil?

DIY beard oil is a beard care product that you can make at home with the given ingredients. The recipe goes:

You will not be wrong if you name the recipe after frankincense essential oil recipe. 

Final Words 

Rest assured, using peppermint essential oil for beard growth will undoubtedly be the best thing for this purpose.

With specific doses and proper application, the peppermint essential oil is the most effective essential oil for hair growth. When Applied peppermint essential oil beard growth regularly, a new beard will grow accurately, thinning hair will reduce, and grown-up hair remains in good texture.

Just make sure that the oil is treated with care because an overdose or wrong use may be counterproductive. And by now, you are fully aware of the ways to follow and the wrong way to avoid.

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