organic patchouli essential oil

Organic patchouli essential oil is the distilled extraction from dried and cured patchouli leaves. Indeed, Patchouli is a bushy plant with aromatic properties first found in Sri Lankan bushes. So, the oil essence juiced out of the leaves, stems, and flower of this herbal plant has a distinct aroma. Not to mislead, people claim that it has a calming effect over the worried and nervous individual. 

That is why different cultures worldwide have been using this organic oil in meditation, yoga practices, and relaxation. Not to limit here, organic Patchouli essential oil takes proper care of skin and eases several skin issues. They include wrinkles, blemishes, aging, acne, irritation, dryness, and scars. In this article, we are going to discuss the alleged benefits, multiple uses, and ways of how to use it. 

Yes, we are aware that these are popular beliefs and experiences have no medical or lab-based backing. Therefore, we will focus on the measures to avoid the least side effects. 

Organic Patchouli Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

As said above, Patchouli has a unique scent which is rich in earthy, sweet, woody, and spicy overtone. And this is the reason this organic oil has found itself mostly used as a scent additive. Therefore, manufacturers of cosmetic products, perfumes, and incense consider this essential oil as one of their primary raw materials. But the long history of Patchouli oil tells us that it has many other popular uses across the world. And they include: 

Skin Care 

Skin health is crucial just as the care of other body parts, and until recently, we have ignored it. But legend has it that our predecessors have been using essential oils in treating various skin issues. And patchouli organic essential oil is the most frequent recommendation in this connection. Indeed, it eases skin conditions like acne, dryness, cracking, and dermatitis. 

Curative Use

Very often, people fall prey to cold sores, headaches, skin irritations, and stomach upset. In this case, the advisable curative measure to follow is to consult a doctor. But organic patchouli essential oil has alleged remedial effects to ease the said symptoms. 

Depression Reliever

Very often, everybody becomes the helpless victim of depression for reasons known and sometimes unknown. And we try therapeutic and medicinal treatment varieties. And we end up very often to no avail. But this easily available organic plant essence is said to have relieved people from depression.

Relaxation Provider

Hectic daily routine or modern-day rush may cause severe mental stress and anxiety. For immediate rescue, we can have patchouli oil in a diffuser, inhaler, or other forms.

Hair Care 

Organic patchouli essential oil helps you get rid of oily hair and reduce dandruff to a large extent. And hair and scalp being some of the most sensitive parts of your body, you should be highly careful while applying any product. In this connection, Organic Patchouli essential oil is the better alternative to the harsh liquid found in the stores. 

Antifungal & Antibacterial Agent

The oil has properties that can effectively resist the spread and growth of fungus and bacteria. Both your living space and office may have those pesky disturbances. In this condition, you should mix organic Patchouli essential oil with your diffuser and spray over the suspected spots. Thus, you can get rid of viral and bacterial intrusion in your home and office. Furthermore, you can apply those in skin diluted with a carrier oil to help mitigate cold sore and mole build-up. 

Food Flavor Additive

Candies, beverages, and baked food items are the things we cannot avoid in full measure. Not to undermine but honestly, the scary part of those goods is the additive used to create various delicious flavors in them. Yes, the best way out is to replace the traditional additive with patchouli essential oil recipes

These are the popular uses people find beneficial and have been sticking to it for centuries. Not to surprise, knowledge on the useful properties of herbal plants has helped learn about the uses of natural oil essences. 

10 Organic Patchouli Essential Oil Blends

We will now share the ten most popular Patchouli essential oil blends that can upgrade our life by providing comfort in distresses. 

1. Calm & Quiet

Want to have a full calming effect while you are going through stress and anxiety? Have the following ingredients in the suggested amount. They include:

After being massaged with the mixture, you are likely to enjoy a sound sleep. 

2. Sanctuary

You may create the atmosphere of a sanctuary by blending Patchouli organic essential oil with the other two essential oils. For sure, your surroundings may get filled up with a woody and sweet smell. But the ingredients mentioned below are must and the suggested amounts are crucial to maintain. Here you go:

To point out, clary sage essential oil benefits are not something to underplay here though patchouli essential oil takes the lead.  

3. Farmer's Market

Have you passed a market full of fresh fruits or a flower shop dispersing sweet and winy smell? If yes, you may not have shed off the hypnotism come upon you then. You can still recreate that freshness and refreshing condition. For that, you only need the following essential oils and knowledge on the proper amount to mix. If you don't have that, here you go.

Not to mention, the predominant scent will be the sweet aroma of Patchouli. 

4. Profusion 

When you stand by the ever-flowing waterfall running down a hill, you feel the immenseness of nature. And of course, the matchless transparency of the water has transmitted a speed and freshness in you. To recreate the same condition, collect three essential oils in the suggested amount in the said recipe. Certainly, the citrus smell diluted with the sweet aroma brings the abundance you have been mesmerized by once.

Given the proportion of the oils mixed here, you can name the blend after grapefruit and orange essential oil. 

5. Private & Personal

To sink deeper into the personal self, you can create a smelly surrounding inside your room or shower. Nothing can be more suitable in this condition than the following essential oils. Take the mix and get in the spot. 

And distractions can hardly intrude on your process or tenure of self-reflection. Myrrh essential oil smell dominates the undertone here that is evident from the proportion of the mix. 

6. Bold & Stout

You want to feel courageous in a situation where you are feeling nervous or low. Now, below is a mix to make you feel bold and stout.

Yes, this blend can make you feel aristocratic, chivalrous, and courageous. Not to ignore, applying this blend amounts to reaping the sandalwood essential oil benefits.

7. Twilight

Want to create the mood that the ecstatic moment of twilight inspires in us? That gloom and solemn atmosphere pervading across heaven take us away from the worldly existence, at least for the time being. And we keep absent mentally if not physically. Here you go with the prescribed amount of essential oils.

8. My Reflection

When Sweet aroma of Patchouli organic and earthy smell of cedarwood oil blend with copaiba, the undertone of the mix may push to reflect yourself. To do that, mix the following three natural oil essences in the prescribed quantity. 

You may put into the cedarwood essential oil blends either given this is the largest portion of the blend. 

9. Morning Meditation

The sweet and soothing morning breeze may encourage you to go in deep meditation. To your pleasant surprise, that time and mode can be recreated if the following essential oils mix in a blend. Here you go:

10. Fresh Siesta 

The oil blend we are talking about now can gift you with a fresh slumber. It may create the condition as the deep and calm night provides you with.

As said, Patchouli's woody smell infuses with the citrus smell of lavender and cypress. 

How to Use Organic Patchouli Essential Oil in Other Ways?

We have already learned about multiple uses and benefits of patchouli organic essential oil. Besides, we have presented the ten essential oil blends that depict Patchouli Essential Oil as their fundamental ingredient. But we can get benefits from this organic plant oil via other methods. And those include Patchouli essential oil recipes for diffuser or inhalation. These uses of the oil are mainly meant for aromatherapy

When inhaling any essential oil, make sure that you are in a well-ventilated space. To avoid side effects, take a break in every 30 minutes. If you are exposed to a diffused essential oil for more than the suggested amount, you may invite dizziness, nausea, and headache. 

To ensure safety, keep alert that pets and children are far away from the touch of the Patchouli essential oil diffuser blends.

Wrapping Up

Organic Patchouli essential oil is not different from Patchouli essential oil. Rather, it is a bit superior in terms of action and effect, as this is not the direct extraction from the plant itself. The ‘Pogostemon Cablin’ goes through drying and curing before distillation. That is why this oil results in superior quality to the fresh plant extraction. 

Yes, we have highlighted multiple benefits of this essential oil, but it is known for its aromatherapeutic benefits. Other than that, it has a special affinity for the skin. At the very outset, we have informed what the skin issues Patchouli organic essential oil is most useful for.

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