Cedarwood Oil for hair

Unlike other essential oils used for hair care, cedarwood oil for hair goes far deeper into the problems. The primary benefits of using essential oils for hair care include reducing hair loss, fixing broken hair, and reviving brittle hair. And several essential oils serve the said purposes well directly and in supportive ways.

As for the supportive ways, cedarwood oil surpasses all its fellow oils. The ways include addressing inflammation to follicles, increasing blood flow to the scalp, stop the fungal infection and spread in the scalp, and more. This article is intended for the readers who want to know how efficiently cedarwood and other tree essences can improve the scalp and hair's health.

In discussing so, we have also covered how to make the best use of it to get max yield. And read on to learn about the precautions to take beforehand or while applying the oil.

Cedarwood Oil for hair

What are the benefits of cedarwood essential oil for hair?

Below you go with the direct and indirect benefits for hair and scalp issues. They include inflamed hair follicles, preventing fungus and viral attacks across the scalp, head lice repelling, natural hair conditioning, and more.

Address Cellular Inflammation

Cedarwood oil is a tree essence enriched with properties that can put a stop to cellular inflammation. As inflammation in the hair follicles caused by microbial entities harms hair's normal growth, this particular tree essence can show wonder by helping hair follicles revival and thriving. This is why people have accepted, without medical or research-based certainty, cedarwood oil for hair growth and care.

Therefore, you, too, can find pretty effective support for managing hair loss in this oil.

Stop Fungal & Viral Build Up over Scalp

As for the historical record, the mummies in ancient Egypt found an expert embalming fluid in this oil. They applied organic cedarwood essential oil for mummification to protect it against rotting as it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. And we know that anything with the capabilities to stop and prevent fungal infection can contribute to ample health activities. Especially, the body skin and scalp where hair grows, thrive, and survive must be kept aloof from such predatory entities. When applied to the scalp area, you will notice reduced hair loss, non-itchy scalp, and revitalized hair.

Relaxing and Sedative Effects

User history says that this oil essence can effectively exert relaxing and sedative effects on an anxious and emotionally excited mind. When you suffer from stress, and it goes on for a prolonged period, the onslaught on hair is the obvious reaction and other damages. For a holistic rescue from such a condition, we can go for natural alternatives. And cedarwood essential oil blends can reduce the restlessness immediately.

To your surprise, cedarwood essential oil smell can calm you down completely if this oil is applied regularly, either topically or via aromatherapy. Therefore, the sedative effects and relaxing power have earned it another tag like cedarwood oil for hair. Ultimately, when you calm down mentally, and the stress is fully over, hair thinning, splitting, and breaking becomes a gone matter.

Direct Revival of Hair Follicle

Hair loss also starts when the natural immune system is affected by internal and external causes. One of the main internal culprits for weak hair health is the attack on the body's overall hair follicles caused by an attacked or weakened immune system. And the scalp hair, being more exposed than other body parts, becomes the worst victim. The topical application of an oil mixture on the body surface's attacked location can revive the dying and weakening hair follicles.

The mixture combined with cedarwood oil for hair and other essential oils massaged on the scalp will thrive the hair follicles.

Accelerate (Scalp) Blood Circulation

Cedarwood oil for hair, when combined with rosemary, thyme, and lavender oils, can increase the blood circulation to the scalp. The cedarwood essential oil blends well with those oils and accelerated blood flow across the scalp. Thus it may revitalize the hair follicles and thus contribute to hair growth. And when blood flow is accelerated, the hair gets a boost and looks stronger, healthier, and lively.

Head Lice Repellent

The menace for hair health is the lice incest, and it originates from dirt, fungi, and pollen attached across the head. Whatever the reason, it does all-out damage to hair and severely disturbs the physical well being. In the earlier sections, we have shown that cedarwood oil for hair does have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and other preventive properties. Besides, it can act as a severe bug repellent and scare the lice away from the head. The highly concentrated oil is so potent that it can even kill the eggs yet to come to full life.

Promotion of Hair Health and Natural Conditioning

On top of improving the scalp health and reviving follicles, you can prepare various essential oils where cedarwood oil for hair will have the dominant presence. You can use this mixture as an expert alternative to hair oil. For sure, herbal oil application may promote your hair health far more than commercially manufactured oils. For this, you have to know about the oils that are particularly effective and helpful in stopping hair loss, strengthening weak and split hair, repairing broken hair.

As for your hair's natural conditioning, you can upgrade the sebum production by using cedarwood essential oil. The sufficient production of sebum will revive your withered hair, fix the hair with split ends, and repair broken hair. So if you don't want to come across any brittle hair in your head, go for this earthy tree essence. 

Efficient Applications of Cedarwood Oil for Hair

Any essential oil is a highly concentrated essence extracted from the bark, leaves, rinse, and flower. Therefore, they tend to be potent and able to burn and irritate when applied carelessly. Now, let's examine the efficient uses of cedarwood oil for hair to yield the max benefits. They include:

Direct Massage

The most effective way to derive the max benefits from any essential oil is to go for a direct massage. For a warning, direct massage doesn't mean that you will apply the raw oil for massage. As for massage, you select the body parts like joints, neck, and other crucial body parts and dilute the oil before the massage begins. Thus, you can have max effect when reducing stress, and increasing blood circulation is your target. Both ways contribute to improving hair health and other areas.

Topical Application

The topical application of cedarwood essential oil refers to apply the diluted tree essence in the body parts where hair loss is apparent. That will stop inflammation in the follicles, eliminate fungus and viral build-up, and increase blood circulation. All the ways lead to the promotion of hair health.


Cedarwood oil has a woody and deep aroma to calm an anxious mind faster than the fellow essential oils. Therefore, you can use diffuser blends, inhaler blends, and burn candles to reap all the benefits from its fragrance. They will reduce and eliminate your anxiety and ease your stress. Moreover, when bathing in oil diffused water, your hair, scalp, and skin get in direct touch with the oil properties.

Preparation of Oil Mixture

You can go for the oil mixture that may prove a wise replacement for your regular hair oil. On its top, strengthening your weak hair and repairing your broken hair will bring side effects down to zero. In this case, the only pain is to keep a collection of the oils known to be beneficial for overall hair health.

Product Additive

We already know that cedarwood essential oil is a favorite to the manufacturers of hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, oil, and soaps. If you are used to certain high-quality products, but they are not herbal, you still can compensate for the absence of natural elements in them. You mix a few drops of this tree essence in the hair care products you use. Thus, you can remain with the products going well with your hair and scalp and reaping benefits offered by the essential oil for hair.  

Common Precautions

It is common knowledge now to not use essential oil without diluting it with fellow oil or any carrier oil. But there are other cedarwood essential oil side effects to be careful of beforehand, and they are not known by and large. They are:

    • Avoid this oil if you are allergic to cedar
    • Keep pregnant woman and children away from it
    • Ingestion of this oil may prove dangerous
    • Avoid in case of low blood pressure
    • Avoid overdosing not to face headache, nausea, and skin burn


Prominent for its woody scent, cedarwood oil is safe to use and has so many potential benefits. And when the issue is promoting hair health, it is the prevalent agent to help hair growth and improve alopecia areata. That is how it has earned the name cedarwood oil for hair. There may be other prominent benefits for skin conditions but reducing hair loss is one of the popular ones.

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