Cedarwood Oil for Dogs

Cedarwood oil for dogs is not only for getting rid of the fleas dogs most often suffer from. It may take you by the wonder that it may be a pain reliever, moth repellent, anxiety killer, excellent skincare ingredient, and more. Like human beings, dogs can become victims of psychological issues, and this oil can be a rescue in this connection. Moreover, this oil with healing effects can be pretty useful in alleviating physical wounds.

But to derive the maximum benefits, you must know about the uses and keep aware of the side effects.

Types of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil offers five different variations with differing benefits. You should know about all of them to find out which ones are the cedarwood oil for dogs. They include:

    • Cedrus atlantica or Atlas: For aromatherapy and perfumery
    • Cupressus funebris or Chinese: For pain relief
    • Cedrus deodora or Himalayan: For stimulation and caring wound
    • Juniperus ashei/Mexicana or Texas: For emotional balance and respiratory issues
    • Juniperus virginiana or Virginian: Relieving stress and anxiety

Cedarwood Oil for Dogs: Great for Our Pups

You see, all the variations can be a great help for our pups in discomfort – be it mental or physical and external or internal.  Let's go for a precise briefing on the benefits.

Cedarwood Oil for Dogs

Moth and Flea Repellent

The most common and frequent health issues your pups suffer from are ticks, fleas, moths, and itching. They can be the easy victim of the said health hazards. It is because they come from people, fabric, and other pets coming to them. You cannot get your pup socially cut off, so you have to find efficient help. Yes, there come the essential oils to rescue your loved dog. The cedarwood oil for dogs, in particular, is trendy among pet owners. This oil greatly helps them keep the pets away from the said problems and any moth.

The topical application of the oil will act the most effective in this connection. To apply it to the skin of the dog, you can use a cotton ball or swab. Otherwise, you can add the oil to the regular products – astringents and creams that you often depend on. You can apply it for other pets, and so the term cedarwood essential oil cats are becoming popular now.

Mood Uplifting

Your dog may go off mood for various reasons: physical ailment, travel-weariness, and many other unknown reasons. In this case, the aromatherapy would be more advisable as the cedarwood oil's woody aroma brings the agility back faster. When your pup receives the cedarwood essential oil smell, it remains in the system. And you may see your dog showing motor skills after it has gone through the aromatherapy.

You can apply the oil in the body's crucial body parts except for the eyes and face. But the more significant result would come from inhalers, cedarwood oil candles, and spraying of the oil across the room while the dog is sleeping. Not to forget, the dog is one of the most smell-sensitive animals to be affected by potent essential oil scent. That warrants dilution of any oil meant to apply on your pup with this cedarwood essential oil for dogs.

Bring them Sound Sleep

Sometimes your dog may suffer from insomnia. And the reasons include shifting to a new place, upset tummy, and emotional excitement. In that case, the topical application of the oil on the joints, neck, and abdomen of the pup can bring magical results. It should get the regular sleeping habit back.

But aromatherapy would be the best alternative to calm down the anxiety and weariness, leading to a sound sleep. If your pup cannot sleep adequately, it may be very unfriendly with your guest, earning the bad name – unsociable. Cedarwood oil aromatherapy may prove to be the best sedative for your dogs.

Wound Care

It is very common for a pet and especially for a dog to get hurt and wounded by various means. Once they are injured, they will require immediate care to not lead to grave consequences. The animals are more vulnerable to fungal and viral attacks than human beings. But you should not go for drugs at the outset. Instead, you should try holistic care – essential oils. Cedarwood oil for dogs enriched with antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties can be of great aid here.

As for wound caring, you can apply it topically in the wound by diluting the oil with other milder oils.

Behavioral Improvement

When in travel, the dogs sometimes cannot adapt with the changing situation. And sometimes they behave queer even when they are at home. In both cases, cedarwood oil will be an efficient way to make them behave. And after the application, you can trace the fussy mode of your dog disappearing faster. Thus, you can ensure a friendly and jolly pup, whether in travel or at the park, socializing with other pets.

Improve Immunity

Like a human being, the immune system of animals may become weaker for several reasons. On top of healthy living space, food, and regular vet attendance, essential oils like cedarwood oil and frankincense essential oil for dogs can strengthen your pet's immunity noticeably. 

No, it would be best if you did not make your pup ingest the oil in any form. Instead, you use various food recipes that can help improve your pup's immunity and digestive power.

How can you derive the max benefits from cedarwood oil for dogs?

Yes, the ways of application of any essential oil are as important as the ingredient itself. And when you mean it for your dog, you should be much more careful. Now, let's examine the various ways this oil can help your dog in distress.


You can reap the max benefits of cedarwood oil aromatherapy by putting inhaler blends for your dog and sprinkling the clothes and living space. Unlike a human being, smelling it directly from the bottle may prove fatally reactionary for a sensitive creature like a dog.

Another way to make the best use of cedarwood oil for dogs is to spray it on a light bulb, dried flowers, and an atomizer bottle. This is how you can spread the scent across space. Lavender oil for dogs will be the best choice if you want to add fellow herbal oil to it for aromatherapy.

Topical Application

When applied topically, you must weaken the oil potency and make the smell milder for the dog. You can dilute the oil with another essential oil meant for a dog or carrier oil. After dilution, you can use a swab or cotton ball to smear the mixture in the pup skin's target location. Make sure that it doesn't touch the eyes, nose, and face of the lovey dovey.

Product Additive

There are soaps, shampoos, and conditioners meant for pups, and all of them found in the stores are not abrasive and toxic. Therefore, instead of replacing them with cedarwood oil for dogs, you can mix the oil in a limited amount. Thus you can derive the benefits from high-quality products and holistic essential oil.

Wrapping Up

By now, you have known that cedarwood oil is a fantastic option for dealing with dogs' health issues. It is as powerful for dogs as it is for human beings. And the benefits are so huge that it has earned the name and fame as cedarwood oil for dogs. Yes, the oil means dealing with both the skin and the mood of your pup.

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