Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home
We all confront unwanted, or sometimes, unbearable stinks. Sometimes, it’s your trash that forms a bad smell even after the trash bag is taken out. Your beloved pets are more likely a part of the family, but they too can be smelly. Also, your dishwasher is a spot causing a putrid odor in the home. Well, the reasons why your home gets smelly are endless in fact. Or occasionally, you just want a quick aromatic blow throughout the home. In all these scenarios, you hand over deodorizers and air-fresheners to solve the problem. Unfortunately, these substances contain dangerous chemicals. And you don’t want to compromise on your respiratory health and home air quality. There is nothing to worry about as there’s another option available. Yes, you must give a try to the best smelling essential oils for home. Using these natural and harmless best smelling essential oils for home can do wonders for getting great smelling surroundings.

Arranging a 10-min read can make your home smell as sweet and fresh as summer breeze.

Ten Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home

While making your home smell like a spa, the best smelling essential oils for home can do much more. Yes, essential oils contain organic chemical components that can have positive effects on the mind and body. Let’s explore both things altogether.

1. Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil 

Cinnamon Leaf essential oil comes from the leaves of cinnamon trees, “Cinnamon Zeylanicum,” botanically. Cinnamon is a valuable spice often used in cooking. You might have used it for sure. Visiting luxurious hotels can give you a chance to get the spicy scent of cinnamon.

Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home

How will it feel if you find the same scent in your home for a long time span? It will feel really good. Fill your home with Cinnamon Leaf essential oil fragrance and enjoy a mouth-watering spicy and sweet aroma. Plus, the oil’s aroma is also believed to be beneficial for lowering stress levels.

2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Coming from fresh leaves of Eucalyptus trees, Eucalyptus essential oil smells medicinal, fresh, woody, and earthy. Remember the time when you had chest congestion or flu, and you used chest rubs for relief. The calming and cooling sensation felt was just because of Eucalyptus essential oil. The oil's incredible smell enables it to become part of our best smelling essential oils for home. Further, inhaling the oil's aroma will give you a quick boost of freshness within minutes. The oil's cooling scent may help relieve colds, cough, flu, and, of course, chest congestion.

3. Lemon Essential Oil

You might have guessed which thing Lemon essential oil belongs to. Yes, dried or fresh peels of lemon fruit (Citrus Limon) give us this essential oil. The lemon-like scent will make your home feel extra clean and fresh. Moreover, the oil's fresh scent can instantly brighten your mood and help reduce hypertension and anxiety. This action is just because of "a-Terpineol," an organic component used to treat various mental issues.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil comes from the leaves, flowers, and buds of a flowering plant, "Lavandula Angustifolia." Keeping the fruity aroma of Lavender essential oil around all the time may help uplift your mood. Also, after a stressful day, Lavender essential oil can give you a comforting hug. Due to the presence of "linalool," the oil may help reduce stress, anxiety, and some depression symptoms. Plus, Lavender essential oil's scent is pleasant to you, but it's not the case with other creatures. Meaning, the oil may repel worms like mosquitos, lice, ticks, and fleas. So, Lavender essential oil is the only one of the best smelling essential oils for home that keeps home clean and fresh.

5. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil, aka Mentha Piperita, is taken from the leaves or flowers of a leafy herb, "peppermint." As the name suggests, the oil's scent is similar to that of mint. Peppermint essential oil's cool, refreshing, minty aroma will create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in each home corner. Due to its menthol content, the oil may help relieve colds, cough, flu, and other respiratory issues. Moreover, the oil's pleasant scent can also help boost energy, enhance mental focus and alertness, and a feeling of restfulness.

6. Patchouli Essential Oil

Coming from the leaves of the Pogostemon Cablin plant, Patchouli essential oil smells woody, earthy, and rich. Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Then Patchouli essential oil's sensual aroma will not let you face challenging times. As the oil is a member of the mint family, it has cooling and refreshing undertones. Hey, there is good news for perfume lovers – most of your favorite perfumes have this oil as their fundamental component. Spreading Patchouli essential oil's aroma will make your home scent like a perfume palace within minutes. Moreover, the oil's aroma may help reduce depression symptoms like stress, anxiety, nervous tension, and lack of concentration for your mind.

7. Rosemary Essential Oil

Leaves or flowers/buds of Rosmarinus Cineole, a medicinal herb, give us the versatile Rosemary essential oil. Rosemary is an herb that has been used as a spice for ages. The smell lingering in your favorite pizza restaurant is none other than that of rosemary. The oil's aroma can remind you of that delicious fast food throughout the day. And, of course, we add the oil in our best smelling essential oils for home just for this reason. Additionally, the oil's fresh and sweet aroma can make you feel energizing and as fresh as a daisy.

8. Rose Essential Oil

As the name hints, Rose essential oil comes from petals of numerous species of the rose plant, aka Rosa Damascena. No essential oil embodies romance and love like the Rose essential oil does. Right? The oil's sweet, floral, and romantic scent makes you feel like you are in a rose garden. While it deodorizes your home, the scent also boosts your intimacy with your beloved one. Furthermore, Rose essential oil may promote joy, relaxation, emotional strength, and boost energy.

9. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Steam-distilled wood of sandalwood trees (Santalum Album) gives us the Sandalwood essential oil. The oil smells rich, deep, floral, and sweet yet woody. Our ancestors used the burnt wood of the tree for spiritual healing and emotional stability. Similarly, a home full of the oil's deep aroma will dig deeper into your mind and will create uplifting sensations. Apart from this, the oil may help balance pulse rate and maintain blood pressure, thanks to its organic compound "a-Santalol."

10. Tea Tree Essential Oil

You might have known Tea Tree oil for toothache and hair growth, but it also keeps home smelling great. Its woody, fresh, earthy, and herbaceous odor will give your nose a high-five. Whether it's spoiled veggies or smelly trash cans, forming a disgusting smell, the oil's powerful scent can whip out all bad stinks. Staying within the oil's aroma will never let you feel your sweat smell anymore. Additionally, due to its component "a-Pinene," the oil may promote alertness and strengthen memory.

Different Essential Oils Blends for Different Places at Home

Want to target specific home places to get rid of stinky odors? Then you need to make DIY essential oils blends. Although we have an entire article (the best smelling essential oil blends recipes) written on that topic here's a quick view of some other blends.

Essential Oils Blend for Toilet

    • Eucalyptus essential oil- 4drops
    • Lavender essential oil- 6drops
    • Tea Tree essential oil- 8drops
    • Water- 8 tbsp

Lavender essential oil in the blend can help repel mosquitos from the toilet. And the pungent aroma of Tea Tree essential oil will push the bad guttery smell out.

Blend for Calming and Soothing Bedroom

    • Lavender essential oil - 5 drops
    • Peppermint essential oil - 5 drops
    • Rosemary essential oil - 4 drops
    • Water - 5 tbsp

Lavender essential oil in this blend can help promote a night of quality sleep. Peppermint essential oil will provide you with a calming sensation throughout the night.

Best Blend for Kitchen

    • Eucalyptus essential oil - 5 drops
    • Tea Tree essential oil - 6 drops
    • Wild Orange essential oil - 5 drops
    • Water - 5 tbsp

This blend can help kick off bad and robust cooking odors.

Ways to Freshen Up with Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home

No need to go somewhere else to find how to use the best smelling essential oils for home. We must get you in ease. You can choose the one that seems more convenient and easy-to-approach. Let's take a look.

Use a Diffuser

To put it simply, a diffuser is a device that breaks down essential oils' molecules. These molecules spread into the air and remain there for a long time. Many people choose different types of diffusers available in the market based on the quality and effects desired. These include:

    • Nebulizing diffusers
    • Ultrasonic or humidifying diffusers
    • Heat or electric diffusers, and
    • Evaporative diffusers

Each one has its own pros and cons, and you can decide which one can give you your desired results.

Home-made Diffuser

You can make any of the diffusers mentioned above on your own within a couple of hours or less. You just need specific home accessories for this purpose. For example, you can make an evaporative diffuser by using a deep jug-like metal pot. Half-fill the pot with water and heat it till vapors appear. Then, add a few drops of your chosen essential oil and cover the pot. Slip the lid a little bit from the corner and let the vapors spread into the air. Do one more thing – sit down and watch your home getting full of luxurious aromas.

Essential Oils Candles

Many essential oils selling companies nowadays offer essential oil candles for aromatherapy. For example, many people use Frankincense essential oil candles to inhale the oil's aroma. Usually, these candles are made with pure essential oils and coconut wax. While finding them, you can make sure the name of any of our best smelling essential oils for home on the label. Also, buy a candle stand alongside. Firmly fix the stand on the central wall in your home. Inflame the candle and enjoy.

Toilet Paper Diffuser

Utilize this application for toilet odors that not only just stay within the toilet but can slip out in the entire home. Add a few drops of any of the best smelling essential oils for home into the cardboard tube inside the tissue paper role. The oil's aroma will spread whenever someone uses tissue paper.

Dos and Don’ts of Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home

Using the best smelling essential oils for home carelessly can cause severe problems. You must take into account a few things for the effects desired. Let's take a look briefly.

    • Firstly, don't diffuse essential oils into the home if you are pregnant. Many essential oils can cause allergic reactions to pregnant ladies. Please consult your doctor if you want to diffuse essential oils.
    • Secondly, it's better to keep children of 5 to 13 away from essential oil's aroma. Children can experience mental or stomach irritation.
    • Thirdly, asthma patients should talk to their doctor before diffusing essential oils. However, some essential oils can be harmful to asthma patients, and some may not be. So, patients can stick to one essential oil if it suits them.
    • Fourth, some people are allergic to strong scents like perfumes or air fresheners. If you're one of them, take an inhaling test first. You can use it without hesitation if it doesn't cause any reaction.
    • Lastly, make sure your pets are outdoors when your home is full of essential oil's scent. Being susceptible to scents, pets can experience mental and physical annoyance due to essential oil's aroma.

Final Words

Many daily routine factors can cause your home to smell bad and ugly. While there are many options available, you can try the best smelling essential oils for your home as well. For your favorite essential oils, you can make different blends for different portions of your home. The blends of essential oils alone can make your home scent like whatever you want it to be. Also, by keeping in mind a few things, you can save yourself, your beloved ones, and of course, your pets from the negative impacts of oils. Remember, nothing can beat nature in creating a pleasant, fragrant home atmosphere.

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