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Are you suffering from severe back pain but afraid of going to the doctor for a check-up? Has it been too difficult for you to afford expensive medication for back pain relief? Has it been long that you're using medication for pain relief but seeking for fast and better results? Do you hate doing exercises for back pain relief? If your answer is "yes," then we're here to help you! We're going to talk about the best essential oils for back pain! These oils are natural, affordable, easy to use, and can increase other medication benefits for back pain relief.

Read this article till the end, and you'll end up finding a companion that can help you get rid of back pain. Remember that essential oils can't be a substitute for a medical professional's prescription but can help you achieve your desired goals more quickly and efficiently.

What are the Reasons for Back Pain?

Before we dive into describing the best essential oils for back pain, we would like to shed light on some of the common reasons you face this sort of pain. There are three parts of the back; upper, middle, and lower back. No matter which part of the back you have pain in, it is sometimes unbearable anyways. Even sometimes, you can't figure out why you're feeling pain in your back. Whatever the case is, the following can be the reasons for this sort of pain.

  • Muscle or disk injury - In this case, your back muscles are injured due to excessive exercise or pulling heavyweight. Disks that support your back can also be injured and cause back pain.
  • Muscle strain or muscle stiffness - This problem usually occurs when you, most of the time, sleep, walk, or sit in a wrong posture.
  • Arthritis – Arthritis becomes the cause of narrowing the space around the spinal cord, which can further get you into severe pain and stiffness in the back.
  • Herniated disk – You're usually diagnosed with a herniated disk when the spinal cord's disk slips from its original place, and its abnormal placing on the back becomes the cause of pain.

The list never ends here, but our focus is on the best essential oils for back pain.

Deep Connection Between Essential oils and Back Pain

Today, many people don't believe when they hear or read that essential oils can relieve pain. And you, being someone from the modern generation, might think how essential oils can reduce or ease the pain. Well, we are here to clear the confusion and to reveal the truth in front of you! We are going to explain the connection between essential oils and pain relief.

Essential oils are extracted from petals, flowers, roots, woods, and other parts of herbs and plants. In ancient times, people used these herbs and plants to help with many types of ailments. Now, modern scientists discovered that essential oils obtained from parts of the plants could have a lot of benefits for human health. As a consequence, they found that these essential oils contain a lot of powerful chemical components. These components are responsible for making the oils capable of rejuvenating health conditions. The most common among them are swelling, headache, stress and anxiety, respiratory and sleeping issues, etc. The same goes for the best essential oils for back pain, which we'll explain in detail.

Top Five Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

Many videos and articles on the internet provide a list of the best essential oils for back pain. These lists are usually so long and detail-oriented that you get confused. You can't make your decision about which oil you should choose. But we intend to solve this problem of yours. We did extensive research and listed the five best essential oils for back pain. These are:

    1. Frankincense Essential Oil
    2. Juniper Berry Essential Oil
    3. Lemongrass Essential Oil
    4. Lavender Essential Oil
    5. Peppermint Essential Oil

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is the extract of the Boswellia plant. Our ancestors used Boswellia's leaves and flowers to promote good digestion and to boost the immune system.

Although Frankincense essential oil can come from many other Boswellia species, you can use any of its types. All the types of Frankincense essential oil carry the same benefits for human health. Research found that Frankincense essential oil is very helpful for relieving pain, especially for back pain. The rhizome of the plant (which the oil is obtained from) and the oil contain some chemical components that can reduce inflammation and pain. Pure organic Frankincense oil contains Alpha Pinene, whose function is to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Sabinene is also part of this oil's chemical composition and helps reduce swelling and muscle pains and aches. Only these powerful components enter this oil in the list of best essential oils for back pain.

2. Juniper Berry Essential Oil

For centuries, people are using different parts of Juniper Berry for various health benefits. They used it to cope with stress and anxiety and skin conditions like acne, dull skin, and pigments. Additionally, they also used Juniper Berry to reduce inflammation and joint pains.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil comes from dried berries of an evergreen Juniper Berry plant. The oil has a mind-blowing woody and fruity aroma. It contains some powerful components like camphene, b-pinene, a-pinene, myrcene, a-phellandrene, and b-phellandrene. All these components together make this oil a great pain reliever. Juniper Berry essential oil falls in the category of best essential oils for back pain and helps with muscle spasms. Not only this, this oil is a good choice for people with joint and neck pain and headaches, colds, and coughs.

3. Lemongrass Essential Oil

When it comes to back pain relief, Lemongrass essential oil is not a thing to avoid. Lemongrass essential oil comes from a shrub named "Cymbopogon Citratus" that is native to India. In the ancient times, people used lemongrass blades as an herbal tea. They also used lemongrass oil for mosquitoes and insects as a repellent.

Mainly, this oil is very useful for muscle pains and aches. Its chemical composition enables it to help with a lot of health conditions. One of those is back pain relief. Among the list of Lemongrass essential oil's chemical constituents, there is a powerful component called "Limonene." Limonene functions as a pain reliever and is found in many other citrus fruits and plants.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

There are a lot of Lavender essential oil varieties available in the market. Each of them gives us its unique benefits to our health. You can choose any of them according to your need or the type of usage. Most famous among them are French Lavender Essential oil and Lavender essential oil (40/42).

People have been using Lavender essential oil for centuries for many ailments. From headache to pain relief, Lavender essential oil was always the best choice among all other oils. The two major constituents of Lavender Essential Oil are Linalool and Linalyl Acetate. These two major components help people to cope with stress, anxiety, and muscle and joint pains. So, that's the reason we added Lavender essential oil to the list of best essential oils for back pain. Once use it, and you will see how beneficial this oil will be for you!

5. Peppermint Essential Oil

Farmers grow Peppermint plants by the hybridization of Spearmint and Watermint plants. Peppermint essential oil comes from this hybridized plant, usually known as "Mentha Piperita."

In ancient times, people used the leaves and oil of Peppermint for skin conditions like acne, itching, and rough skin. Today, a lot of people are using Peppermint essential oil to cope with stress and anxiety. Not only this, many people experienced that Peppermint essential oil helped them reduce muscle and back pain. They are right because science also proved his fact. Peppermint essential oil contains major components such as Limonene and Pinene, and many others. But these two are most effective for calming and soothing our body. Peppermint essential oil comes at the end of the list of best essential oils for back pain but can be considered more effective than other oils.

Ways to Use Best Essential Oils for Back Pain Relief

You need to know the ways you can use essential oils. You can buy any of those mentioned above best essential oils for back pain, but if you don't know how to use it, you're not going to make it. The bottle is in your hands. And you're about to use it to get relief from back pain. Everything is okay now! But if you don't know how you can use these oils, it means you're going to ruin your time and money. Take a look below, and you'll find out plenty of ways and methods to use them properly and efficiently. These are quite simple but effective ways.

Topical Use

Topical use means you can apply any of the best essential oils for back pain topically on the affected area. Whether you're suffering from lower, middle, or upper back pain, you can apply them without any hesitation. It would help if you had a cotton bud or a tissue paper and massage the oil on the back. Moreover, you can also take the help of someone who can massage your back. Whichever way you use, always massage gently. Otherwise, you might feel more pain than you feel relief!


Add a few drops of one of the best essential oils for back pain and blend it with some other oil. Then, use a spray bottle or a diffuser and spread the aroma of the oil in your room. A lot of aromatherapists recommend doing this because it is a convenient way to use essential oils. Aromatherapists say that diffusion of essential oils can lower the sensation of pain. Consequently, you feel relief from pain and anxiety that is a negative by-product of your back pain! For example, Lavender and Peppermint essential oil reduce both stress and pain when blended and then diffused together.


You can take a tissue paper, put a few drops of the oil, and wave it before your nose. This simple but effective way of inhaling the essential oils also helps you relieve pain sensation and pain itself.

Best DIY Blends Recipes of Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

Best essential oils for back pain can work as a pain reliever alone. But if you add other useful oils with them, it would be a good addition. There are plenty of oils that you can mix them with any pain-relieving oil. We're going to provide you with some blends that you can prepare by yourself.

Best Massage Blend for Back Pain

  • Lavender Essential Oil - 20 drops
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil - 5 drops
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 8 drops

Mix well all these oils into a glass container. Put a few drops of this blend on your palm, rub, and massage gently on the pain spot.

Best Diffuser Blend for Back Pain

  • Lavender Essential Oil - 10drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - 5drops
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil - 10drops
  • Water - half a glass

Mix all these oils with water and add them to a spray bottle. You can also use an electric diffuser. Make sure that you don't have your pets near you. Spray it into the room, sit down, inhale and exhale with your full attention. You'll soon start feeling relief from your back pain slowly.

Essential Precautions for Using Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

Essential oils are very useful for your health. But you will convert this usefulness into harmfulness if you don't take necessary precautions for using them. During the war, self-defense is as important as the attack on the rival is for you. You must know how to defend yourself from the side-effects of the essential oils. So, keep in mind the following precautions while you're using them.

  • Firstly, always dilute the best essential oils for back pain with some career oil before applying them to the skin. The use of undiluted oils can burn your skin and make you feel skin irritation.
  • Secondly, if you have any pets, don't let them enter the room where you have diffused the oil. Animals are easily triggered by scents and can feel long-lasting irritation.
  • Thirdly, inhalation of essential oils can be dangerous for people with respiratory problems such as asthma. You must not try this method of using essential oils if you do have any respiratory problems.
  • Lastly, don't ingest any essential oil. Doctors and other medical professionals are against ingesting oils because it can cause stomach problems.

Over to You

For the last two decades, people are moving towards essential oils to improve their health. They also use them for several ailments such as stress and depression reduction and getting relief from pain. This was a shortlist for the best essential oils for back pain. There are other essential oils that you can use for pain relief, but we've mentioned the most powerful and effective ones. These include Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Juniper Berry. You can apply them on the skin and massage, or diffuse any of these oils and avail of their benefits. We also mentioned some necessary precautions worth noting while using essential oils for back pain relief. We hope that you find this piece of content helpful for you. Connect with us at We'd love to hear from you.

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