Best Essential Oil for Fever Blisters

An outbreak of fever blisters can lead you to skin irritation around your mouth. Creams and lotions can be at the rescue, but these are merely remedies for a certain period. The chances are that the blisters will come again when you try to get relief with these commercial products. We're sure that this was not the case if you would have given a try with essential oils. Yes, nature is so potent that it can help you get relief from fever blisters in a more effective way. We're going to single out the best essential oil for fever blisters in this article. The only thing you'll have to do is read the full article and miss no single point.

So, let's get you relieved from fever blisters, aka cold sores.

What Are Fever Blisters?

Fever blisters are open sores that are filled with fluid. These tiny blisters show up around your mouth. A scab forms once these blisters break. This red-colored scab can take a few days to disappear from the skin. These blisters can also appear on your cheeks or nose. It is herpes simplex virus that becomes the cause of fever blisters.

How Can You Forestall the Spread of Fever Blisters?

Fever blisters are contagious. It isn't hard for the herpes simplex virus to transfer from one person to another. However, it is in your own hands to forestall its spread. You can do the following:

    • Don't touch, scratch, or pick at the blister. Any touching or scratching allows the virus to reach other parts of your face. Also, touching someone else can make him/her the victim of fever blisters.
    • Frequently wash your hands. The more clean your hands are, the lesser the chances of the spread of HSV.
    • Avoid sharing your towel, soap, lip balm, toothpaste, and handkerchief with others. These are the major causes of the spread of HSV.
    • Avoid kissing, hugging, and other activities that involve physical touching.

Why are Essential Oils Effective for Fever Blisters?

It is no surprise that a lot of people are turning towards essential oils for combatting various ailments. The reason is that essential oils have immune-boosting, therapeutic, and medicinal properties. Likewise, essential oils prove to be very useful for people with fever blisters. Fever blisters make you feel a burning sensation, itching, and pain. Also, there is severe inflammation on and around blisters. In short, you're facing lots of problems at a time. There are essential oils that can fix all these problems. Some reduce swelling, and others help get relief from pain. Some lower the burning sensation, and some others function as itching removers. Moreover, some oils are useful for killing infectious bacteria, which can prevent the healing of fever blisters. Our list of the best essential oils for fever blisters contain oils that can perform all these functions.

Best Essential Oil for Fever Blisters: 11 Best Oils for Cold Sores

When it comes to fever blisters, there are a lot of essential oils that might come in handy. We're here at your ease and came up with a shortlist of the best essential oil for fever blisters. You can choose any of them as per your desire, affordability, and requirement.

1. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil deserves to be at the top of the list of the best essential oils for fever blisters because of its surprising capabilities to fight fever blisters. Chamomile essential oil comes from Chamomile plants that are native to Europe and Western Asia. The oil is mainly available in two varieties: German Chamomile essential oil and Roman Chamomile essential oil. Whichever type you use, it'll surprise you by its magical effects on fever blisters.

Clinical studies found that Chamomile essential oil is a powerful resistance against herpes simplex virus. Additionally, this oil contains a powerful component, i.e., "Chamazulene." This component functions to reduce swelling very fast on the skin caused by blisters. And this later results in getting rid of fever blisters in a short period. In addition, many people use Chamomile oil for skin because it removes acne and wrinkles.

2. Clove Essential Oil

Extracted from the clove plant, Clove essential oil has its unique value when it comes to removing fever blisters. We add it to the list of best essential oil for fever blisters for only one reason: it is the worst enemy of microorganisms! Along with Clove essential oil's potential to fight with HSV, it also kills other viruses. Clove essential oil also has pain-relieving ability. So, applying Clove essential oil on a blister would help you decrease the sensation of pain caused by a fever blister.

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is the extract of eucalyptus plants. The plant itself has a history of medicinal uses by the old civilizations. Eucalyptus essential oil has a cool, fresh, and soothing aroma. A lot of users of this oil experienced significant healing effects of it. They say that applying this oil makes them feel relief from pain, irritation, and itching caused by fever blisters.

4. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger is such a common tuber that people use it in traditional recipes. The essential oil of ginger comes from this plant. Both dried and fresh ginger rhizomes give us two different essential oils. One is "Ginger essential oil (dried root)," and the second one is "Ginger root essential oil (fresh)," respectively. Both types are beneficial for fever blisters. Ginger essential oil's chemical components have surprising benefits for the skin. It fights against infectious bacteria that can lead fever blisters to its severe condition. Not only this, many people use ginger essential oil for skin conditions like acne, rough skin, dark spots, and dull skin. Also, many people use Ginger oil for hair to overcome problems like hair loss and dandruff.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is obtained from Lavender plants. Many people often use Lavender essential oil (40/42) and Lavender essential oil (France) for many ailments. These two types are most effective for fever blisters. Lavender essential oil doesn't fight against viruses, but it can do other things for you. It can reduce swelling, redness, and pain from the site of fever blisters. Linalool and Linalyl acetate found in this oil help reduce swelling and pain and promote fast healing. Furthermore, Lavender essential oil also lowers the burning sensation on fever blisters-infected areas of the skin.

6. Lemon Balm Essential Oil

A perennial herb, "Melissa officinalis," provides us with Lemon Balm essential oil. This herb belongs to the mint family and has a fresh and cool lemony and minty scent. Many creams for curing fever blisters contain Lemon Balm essential oil because it reduces swelling and pain. This oil also can stop HSV from entering the skin.

7. Oregano Essential Oil

A perennial herb, "Oregano" gives us Oregano essential oil. If you want your fever blisters to heal quickly, Oregano essential oil can fulfill this desire of yours! You need to rub Oregano essential oil on the infected part gently. Oregano essential oil will also reduce swelling on the blister, and you'll feel less pain as a result. Additionally, Oregano plants belong to the mint family. Thus Oregano essential oil has a cool and refreshing sensation while applied to the skin.

8. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil comes from the plant "Mentha piperita." The plant is a mixture of two plants, spearmint and watermint. In this sense, Peppermint essential oil is rich in properties of two different useful plants! And these are the only properties of this oil why we added it to our best essential oil for fever blisters.

Use of Peppermint essential oil on fever blisters gets you free from severe itching and irritation. A component of Peppermint essential oil, i.e., "Limonene," enables it to lower the blister's pain. As a result, you feel calm and relaxed and feel motivated to get relief from fever blisters fast. Not only this, ancient people used Peppermint essential oil and parts of the plant for acne and promoting hair growth.

9. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil comes from the Sandalwood plant, which is relative to the Santalaceae family. Latest research indicated that Sandalwood essential oil could help in overcoming fever blisters very fast. Sandalwood essential oil contains Nuciferol, which makes this oil a blessing for skin. People also use this oil or other skin conditions like dryness, dull skin, and scars.

10. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree essential oil is the extract of tea tree plants. This essential oil is gaining popularity for its effectiveness for different ailments. This oil is very active against parasites and other harmful bacteria that can lead fever blisters to its worst condition. Also, clinical study suggests that Tea Tree essential oil has the potency to kick off fever blisters. You can also use Tea Tree oil soap for healing fever blisters and for other skin problems as well.

11. Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil is obtained from the Thyme plant. The plant and its essential oil have been a part of herbal medicines for various health problems. Thyme essential oil comes in many varieties, but Red Thyme essential oil is considered the most effective one. The significant component of Thyme essential oil is "thymol." Thymol functions as a killer of parasites and dangerous microorganisms that promote the severity of fever blisters. Not only this, but Thyme essential oil is also beneficial for reducing swelling and itching on infected skin sites.

The list of the best essential oils for fever blisters can go on and on. But we intended to mention just 11 of them so that you could choose between them easily.

Use Best Essential Oil for Fever Blister in a Safe Way

You can avail magical benefits of the best essential oils for fever blisters. But there is only one condition for this: use them safely and properly. Those ways/methods are the following:

    • Many essential oils can irritate your skin. You must dilute them in some carrier oil like Jojoba or Sweet Almond oil.
    • Take a patch test before applying much amount of essential oil. If you don't experience any adverse reaction or allergy, then you can apply it without hesitation.
    • It would help if you used a cotton swab and gently rub the oil with it on blisters. You can mix any of the best essential oil for fever blisters into your lip balm.
    • Make sure that you don't digest even a single drop of essential oil even mistakenly.

In A Nutshell

Fever blisters are very annoying for you. Itching, burning, and swelling can sometimes be unbearable and painful. Before you go to any other medication for blisters, we presented the best essential oils for fever blisters. These essential oils will help you get rid of all issues in connection to cold sores. You can also check out our another post "best essential oil for cold sore." Furthermore, we also described some of the methods/ways which you can follow to use these oils. We're hoping that you'll prefer nature as the solution to your fever blisters. We're eager to see your response in the comment section about what mighty benefits nature blessed you with!

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