Best Essential Oil for Congestion

We all know that essential oils are incredibly beneficial and useful for relieving headaches, stress, and insomnia. The interesting fact is that breathing in essential oils can clear airways by loosening and removing congestion from the nasal or any respiratory passage. Unwanted congestion may catch at any time of the year and put you into a struggle for breathing. The best essential oil for congestion is the preferable way out in this case.

Yes, you can opt for over-the-counter meds that include lozenges, pills, and more. But some of them just give you a feel of a cleared nasal passage. While actually, they make the mucus denser sometimes. Therefore, opting for OTC alternatives may cost you a frontal headache and irritation. Better be warned that killing time may cause the congestion to take a grave-turn to sinus infection.

There come the essential oils with active ingredients to help with cough, cold, and congestion. Here you go:

Top 5 Essential Oils for Congestion

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you are suffering from congestion borne health issues, eucalyptus oil is the best option to go for. It is one of the top favorites to apply when you are struggling with breathing for mucus build-up, blocked sinuses, and sinus infection. Choking is not the only issue you will face when you have an infection along the nasal cavities and passage. Rather, this will invite several by-products that include frontal headache, nasal secretions, and irritation.

Eucalyptus oil is the best essential for congestion to challenge OTC meds to get rid of all the side effects. You can take it either in pill form or inhale it. While pill form will provide you with the desired result, you should go for the latter alternative for the best and fastest result. There is more than one way to inhale an essential oil, but the frequently suggested way is to inhale it from the bottle. Most people refer to the menthol shower steamers.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

If you want to fight congestion and congestion-inspired symptoms, you have to avail the essential oils possessing congestion-busting properties in them. In this regard, peppermint essential oil comes into consideration in the line. Therefore, go with the mentioned oil at the maiden sign of flu and cold congestion. Moreover, this oil essence's acute menthol aroma can get you rid of stuffiness and runny nose.

As bonus benefits, breathing in peppermint bark essential oil will help strengthen the lungs, boost the immune system, and ward off bacterial intrusion in nasal cavities. Thus you will get relief from frontal headache or root out the causes that invite the same. First-hand users opine that the compounds in peppermint oil give a tough fight to bacteria and oxidation resulting in fighting off any trigger for nasal passage blockade or build up.

When sinus relief is your prime concern, three processes can yield a magical result that includes inhaler, vaporizer or diffuser, and facial steam. The easiest way to go is to apply a few drops of oil mixture while sleeping.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil

What if you don't have the best essential oil for congestion mentioned around you that may immediately remove congestion? There is nothing to be worried about if you have rosemary essential oil at your disposal. With its three chemical variations, rosemary will prove to be the most effective alternative to the frequently suggested herbal oil essence. Not to avoid, the most common of the types is rosemary ct cineole. This rosemary chemical variation with its pungent smell is a drastic congestion buster and loosening agent of mucus blockade along the nasal and respiratory passages.

Moreover, rosemary oil essence has such compounds that fight inflammation to the finish. To make the long story short, we can summarize by telling that rosemary is one of the best essential oil for congestion. You can rely on this pungent herbal oil essence to get rid of inflamed nasal cavities and stuffy nose.

If you are very sensitive to essential oils, you can go for the softer versions offering rapid relief and find the oils rosemary essential oil blends well with. Rosemary ct camphor and Rosemary ct verbenone are milder and unlikely to cause skin burn and irritation but safer and effective.

4. Geranium Essential Oil

You have another herbal extract to relieve you from cold congestion of any form. Geranium essential oil helps remove infections caused by congestion or mucus build up in the upper respiratory passage. Moreover, you should opt for nothing other than geranium oil essence if you have bronchitis. Both the first-hand users and the history testify that geranium extract shows magic when dealing with cough build-up in nasal cavities. Thus it comes to your immediate rescue when you feel choked out of stuffiness and mucus blockade.

best essential oil for congestion

On top of relieving you of common cold symptoms, a few liquid drops of liquid geranium essence can shorten the ailment duration.

Unlike going for any chemotypes, include a few drops of the oil in your geranium essential oil blend recipes. A little oil essence in the bath can result in rapid congestion-busting, relieving cough, and other symptoms closely associated with congestion. Inhaling directly from the bottle will bring you faster recovery. Another way out is to put a few drops on your handkerchief and apply it to the nose to breathe the acute aroma in.

5. Cinnamon Essential Oil

You should not go confused, wondering how a plant treated mostly for cooking and baking can be a great help with congestion loosening. Yes, it does have a history to have cleared airways of mucus build-up and nasal passage blockade. Cinnamon essential oil is found to be useful for removing pathogens in the respiratory cavity and passage. If the gaseous form of the oil emitted for a short timeframe, it will show wonder in relieving frontal headache and get you rid of stuffiness. In this case, the difference between cinnamon bark and cinnamon leaf essential oil does not matter that lot.

Not to end here, cinnamon oil is very useful in fighting and stopping the proliferation or reproduction of common bacteria. Thus cinnamon helps to relieve respiratory problems by protecting the tracts against germs. And the spicy taste and aroma act as the best congestion-busting agent.

The effective way to be benefitted from this oil essence is to mix a few drops of the oil with a diffuser. Instead, you can include the best essential oil for congestion in a topical blend to get immediate relief from cough blockade along the breathing channels.

Usage of the Best Essential Oil for Congestion

Suppose you have stocked up all these oils to end congestion sooner than later. Applying those sooner will enable you to get respiratory tracts free from mucus blockade and help you breathe easier and faster. But all the collection will go in vain if you don't know how and when to use them. You know when to use them, but how to use them may pose a dilemma. The short and precise answer to congestion is breathing in the suggested best essential oils. You can breathe in the popular essential oils mentioned via the following methods:

Direct Inhalation

Direct inhalation refers to the breathing in the oil essence from the bottle. You can put a few drops on a sterilized handkerchief and inhale. Another alternative is to add as many as 15 drops of oil blend to a wick of compatible essential oil inhaler.

Steam Therapy

You can go for a warm facial steam or apply the humid air into the shower. Thus the aroma of the best essential oil for congestion will reach your system. Not to end here, it remains there for a considerable duration to yield the desired effect.


Add the required number of liquid drops into the diffuser to disperse the aroma in the rooms. That's how you can breathe the aroma both in the daytime or while you sleep.

Topical Rubbing

Rub the oil gently over the chest and on the back to breathe the scent in.

Precautions to Take Beforehand

Successful use of the best essential oil for congestion does not end in just knowing the ways of applications. On its top, you must know about the don'ts before using essential oils. Any essential oil is potent enough to pose mild or severe threat in the following situations:

    • Direct inhalation may not be safe for infants and pregnant women.
    • The same rule is applicable for topical application with the exception of the necessity of softening with milder oil.
    • People with allergic sensitivities may not go well with essential oil in any form.
    • Consult your physician to keep aloof from any harm.

Wrap Up

It is beneficial to try essential oils for relief when you are faced with congestion. But you should be mindful of the lack of a medical verdict in their favor and even definitive research backing the natural oils. So, care and caution must be taken while using the oils. You have reached that part of the article is evident that you know about the risk and how to avoid them. However, never delay medical treatment or applying the best essential oil for congestion mentioned here.

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