Best Essential Oil for Beards

Yes, beards are back again as a fashion statement for men. And so you are after the best essential oil for beards. Essential oils offer multiple benefits when it comes to helping your beard. You can go for essential oils when you want a manly smell wafting from your beard. And also, if your beard suffers from health issues, including breakage, thinning, and withering, you should consider having these oils in your kit. There are natural oil extracts that servers the former purpose by their aroma, and some serve the later purpose utilizing certain compounds in them. And not to ignore, most of the best oils for beard growth offer both sides.

But you have to find the best beard oil to reap the benefits fullest. Anyway, this is not an arduous task as most of the popular oil essences are aids to beard one way or another. In this regard, this post will offer rendezvous of the most effective essential oils for beard- fast and healthy growth, conditioning, and strengthening.

Top 10 Essential Oils for Beards

These are the oils to make your beard grow faster, smell fresh, and stay stronger. On top of that, they can be credited for a far deeper action of strengthening and revitalizing the hair follicles beneath the skin. In a word, they are effective and holistic as they have zero or minimal side effects when applied or prepared with care. Here you go:

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

On top of being minty and refreshing, peppermint essential oil can help your beard tremendously. It can enliven withered or dry hair, swell the shrunk follicles, and multiply the facial hair growth rate. To start with the benefits, it accelerates blood circulation underneath the skin. As a direct influence, the increased pace of bloodstream causes arrival of fresh nutrients to the hair follicles. The hair follicles rooted beneath the skin layer come into touch with vital nutrients to grow healthier, faster, and stronger.

Moreover, on top of increasing the activities for beard growth, regular and well-advised application of this best essential oil for beards can bring the low growth rate at the regular level. The standard germination of facial hair makes you manlier by turning your hair thicker and denser. The vascularization of the epidermal glands helps to stop the loss of both scalp and facial hair. 

2. Lavender Essential Oil

The second most popular essential oil for beard growth is lavender essential oil. Unlike the minty and refreshing scent of peppermint oil essence, lavender beard oil offers a calming fragrance and helps you relax and provide you with restful sleep. But the fun fact is that both the fragrances bear the same fruit. That is to make your facial hair stronger and healthier on top of helping your hair grow faster and fuller.

Relaxation and sounder sleep promoted by regular application of lavender plant extract results in eliminating stress and fatigue. And who does not know that zero stress contributes to keeping healthy facial hair or beard intact?

On its top, despite being a growth stimulant for any hair, lavender oil prevents your skin beneath the beard from microbial and bacterial creatures. If not appropriately cared, your beard may grow fungi leading to breaking hair and shrinking hair follicles.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil

To name another hair growth stimulant and promoter of beard health, you cannot escape rosemary essential oil. By several considerations, this oil falls into the category of best essential oil for beards. The benefits and aids meant for beard growth from rosemary oil are many. And the mentionable ones among them include accelerating blood circulation and miniaturization of the skin.

To start with, blood circulation stimulus causes the hair follicles to rebirth, revive, and increase in number. Thus your scalp, hair, and beard grow in full length and do not break or wither. As for the skin where the beard is located, rosemary essential oil for beard growth will not let fungus build-up, dandruff, and patches develop across the bearded skin surface. The adequately moisturized skin will never let your facial hair grow thinner or unhealthy.

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Is tea tree oil good for beards? Undoubtedly, the most common damage to hair or hair loss is caused by dandruff in the scalp. In this case, tea tree oil may prove to be the best essential oil for beards or scalp hair. This herbal oil possesses the best remedial properties to keep hair loss at bay.

Beard dandruff or beardruff is not that uncommon, and so you should be careful. A small flaky outer surface growing beard is the signal that you are going to have beardruff. So, you should not waste time before applying tea tree essential oil.

Though this oil does not directly promote hair growth, it may help your beard in multiple issues leading to improved hair health and extend hair life. Significantly, the properties abound in the oil offer the most challenging fight for bacterial, microbial, and fungus build up. Moreover, it keeps the skin clean and unclogs porous follicles that result in infection removal or preventing it. Thus it can be a crucial element when selecting essential oils for beard balm.

5. Cedarwood Essential Oil

The relieving effect of the stress and tensions lead human beings to go to cedarwood essential oil. Hailing from the cedar trees, it can challenge other essential oils or match in benefits with other oils. But the lingering scent left by the oil in your beard can keep you calm and anxiety-free all day long.

Moreover, the oil has such compounds that enable the scent to create Serotonin-com-Melatonin. And this effect may regulate your sleep by cutting wakefulness down to a significant length. Moreover, the soothing nature of the oil is the best known for is very crucial for the growth and maintenance of beard and scalp hair.

When the oil reaches the other way tough-to-reach hair follicles, it moisturizes follicles there, and the blood circulation experiences a renewed stimulus. You may find it helpful for bad cuts resulted from neckline trimming and cheek grooming.

6. Bergamot Essential Oil

You can pick bergamot essential oil from the long best essential oil for beards list. This cold-pressed essential oil from the bergamot peels offers you a balanced scent. Moreover, this is an essential oil enriched with compounds to fight microbial and fungus build-up in the bearded skin.

Best Essential Oil for Beards

On top of keeping you focused, the balanced scent will offer you sound sleep and a calm temperament. So, a strong chance is there to go stress-free and tension-free when your beard is smeared with this oil.

As for the skin issues and patches across the bearded skin surface, applying this oil at regular intervals will keep your skin clean and free from any infection. And when inhaled, the scent remains longer in your nervous system to establish a healthy balance between your restful sleep and wakeful hours.

7. Cinnamon Essential Oil

The revival of shrunk and unclogging of the hair follicles is crucial to stop hair loss and repair broken beard. And the cinnamon essential oil has been the frequent reference to being the best beard growth oil for patchy beard with its unmistakable fragrance and calming effects.

It is an efficient bug and mosquito repellent. That’s why this oil will discourage any beard lice and build-up. Either through inhaling or massaging along the neckline and upper back, you can reap the most benefits. Thus the calming effects will reward you with sounder sleep and anxiety-free daily life. When you can go stress-free, the health of your beard and scalp hair will improve with time.

But the cinnamon, being strong and potent oil, can cause skin irritation. You better use it after diluting with milder oil as your facial skin is too sensitive to put into concentrated liquids. There are several carrier oils for beard growth and thickness.

8. Sandalwood Essential Oil

When caring for the usual beard, the best essential oil for beards still can be a go-to option. Beard's growth is as normal as other limbs and organs of human body. If you live a healthy life and do not use any abrasive hair products, the beard will not suffer any worry. In this case, you can use oils for an attractive fragrance like the one coming from sandalwood essential oil. Not to undermine the scent, it is the perfect go-between fragrance of cedarwood and pine.

Regular and well-advised use of sandalwood essential oil can perform wonders by keeping the beard skin supremely revitalized and glowing. A healthy beard and glowing skin create magic in your facial look.

As for fighting irregular growth and health issues of facial or scalp hair, it can benefit you differently. Mentionable one is to reduce or eliminate the beard itch.

9. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli oil is another member to find a place in the list of best essential oil for beards growth. It occupies a special space by dint of featuring multiple scents that include stand-out spicy, rich, and musky smell. As for benefits derived from aromatherapy for beard growth and health, the aromas will help you keep settled mentally. And thus, you can be able to lead an anxiety-free and jolly life leading to the revival of hair follicles.

Not to limit here, patchouli oil is known to be the best in preventing and straightening skin wrinkles. And so it will indirectly contribute to repair your look and beard. The aphrodisiac qualities patchouli essential oil is reputed to have might keep your facial hair conditioned and immune to hair loss.

10. Lemon Essential Oil

Though lemon can be a highly beneficial ingredient for beard growth and health, it is one of the most ignored oils in this respect. People often forget that toxins stored in the body can cause severe issues for human body. And hair grown either on cheek or scalp is not immune to the damage caused by it. Now, lemon oil is enriched with the compounds that fight toxins in the body. And a little amount of the said oil might leave you utterly refreshed.

If you know how to soften this potent oil, you can add this to the list of best essential oil for beards without any reservation. It can be a confident and robust recommendation to be a must-add element while you are up to creating your custom essential oil for beard. Yes, lemon essential oil can be a practical health kick for your beard to grow faster, fuller, and healthier. As for the direct effect, lemon essential oil's fresh aroma can accelerate the blood flow underneath the skin. That leads to reviving and energizing of shrunk and dried hair follicles.

What about Making Your Own Best Essential Oil for Beards?

Yes, you can make your custom essential oils to take care of your facial and scalp hair. You may fall victim to essential oil products compromised in quality and manufacturing. The best way out in this regard is to device your own oil. But concerns arise about how to make beard oil. You have to have basic knowledge about the oils in general and the crucial ingredients in particular. None of these are beyond your ability and reach. Now, be a master of the beard you and your bosom one wear. The types of equipment required to make your best essential oil for beards include:

    • An amber glass bottle (1 oz)
    • Shot glass or a cup for miniature measuring
    • Small-scale carrier oil (in a funnel)
    • And the essential oils

We must answer to what is the best essential oil for beards not to leave you confused. Either oil made by you or bought from the market can be the best.  


Given the oils around you, your arsenal has the most urgent tool for your beard. But a healthy routine and balanced diet can relieve you from collecting and making essential oils. As for beard growth and look, a lifestyle free from anxiety and stress and backed by a balanced diet is enough.

But if your beard or hair suffers from issues despite or without a healthy lifestyle, the best essential oil for beards is the advisable option to opt for. Furthermore, for sleek and neat beards that may look rocking, essential oils are there for you. And they keep your skin moisturized, and you enjoy a swoon-worthy aroma.

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