Best Essential Oils for Depression

Today's tough and challenging life schedule gives birth to numerous mental issues in millions of people worldwide. One of those issues is known as "depression." Many people strive to find proper care when they experience symptoms of depression, but they sometimes fail in doing so. If you're one of those people and have tried other conventional solutions to depression but found no peace, then you might have landed on the right page. Aromatherapy could come to your rescue. The best essential oils for depression are the best solution to enhance aromatherapy for depression. We're super excited to bring peace to your life with the help of this list of best essential oils for depression.

This post will cover all the necessary topics involved in using essential oils for depression. The only thing you need to do is carefully read this post till the end. So, let's get started!

Alarming Signs That You're Suffering from Depression

Before we dive into explaining the signs/symptoms of depression, it is worth mentioning what depression actually is. Many health professionals classify depression as a disease because the victim's body is in "dis-ease." But, remember, depression is more of a mental or mood-related condition than a disease. Depression is a mood disorder that can affect how you think, feel, and behave in your daily routine matters. If you experience even a few of the following mental and physical conditions, the possibility is that you're suffering from depression.

    • Anxiety: You feel worried and fearful about even less substantial and trivial things.
    • Restlessness: You're in a comfortable bedroom or office chair, but you still feel uneasy and resentful.
    • Sadness and Despair: You're doing a get-together, and all of your friends are having fun. But you often look detached both physically and mentally.
    • Lack of Concentration: You might be sitting in the classroom, but your mind is somewhere else. For this part, we have the best essential oils for focus as well.
    • Insomnia: Even in a warm bed, you close your eyes, but you unintentionally continue hearing the ticking of your room clock.

Although the symptoms can vary from person to person, but these are some common ones.

The Logic Behind How the Best Essential Oils for Depression Work

Let's be logical and explain how the best essential oils for depression may help manage and reduce depression. There is not much evidence about the connection between essential oils and relief from depression. But still, scientific studies suggest that essential oils can help overcome specific symptoms of depression. It is like using eyeglasses for weak eyesight. Eyeglasses help you see the world clearly, but they still don't help you regain your lost vision.

In like manner, essential oils may help reduce depressive symptoms (that we mentioned above) and lower this disorder instead of directly kicking off it. Essential oils themselves don't help with depression, but their chemical compounds play a significant role in coping with such conditions. Particularly, essential oils that contain chemical constituents like limonene, linalool, and pinene can help overcome hypertension, depression, and stress.

Furthermore, some researchers found that 43% of people use essential oils for depression symptoms like anxiety and stress.

List of Top 10 Best Essential Oils for Depression

When it comes to depression, a long list of essential oils can come in handy. We're going to sort out the top ten best essential oils for depression. These oils will do nothing but add wonders to your depressive and disturbing life! Additionally, these essential oils contain the chemical components (including limonene, linalool, and pinene, and many more) that help reduce various symptoms of depression. Let's take a thorough look at the essential oils.

1. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil, aka "Citrus Bergamia," deserves to be at the top of our list of best essential oils for depression. The only reason for this rank is that Bergamot essential oil may help lower the anxiety levels. A lot of people claim that the citrus aroma of Bergamot essential oil significantly reduced anxiety and tension. Moreover, Bergamot essential oil may aid in minimizing the release of stress hormones during stressful times. To speak further, you can check the best essential oils for labor where Bergamot essential oils also come at the top to reduce labor-related anxiety and stress.

2. Basil Essential Oil

Today, Indians call Basil essential oil "queen of herbs" due to its rejuvenating health benefits. The essential oil has positive and calming effects on the mind, helping to melt away stress, anxiety, sadness, mental strain, and fatigue. As a natural stimulant, oil can also bring about mental clarity and peace.

3. Cedarwood Essential Oil

We're adding Cedarwood essential oil to our best essential oils for depression list, especially for students and office workers. Some studies show that inhalation of Cedarwood essential oil during work or study may help stay concentrated and perform well as a consequence. Moreover, Cedarwood essential oil proves itself a helping hand when people are struggling to overcome stress. People who experience high stress and work or school/college can take advantage of Cedarwood essential oil's soothing and calming properties. Additionally, you can also mix other oils with Cedarwood essential oil to get extra and immediate benefits. For example, mixing Cedarwood and Orange oil may help uplift the mood and promote focus because of Orange oil's fresh scent.

4. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage essential oil comes from a flowering herb, "Clary Sage" or "Salvia sclarea." Both history and present searches agree that Clary Sage essential oil benefits are much more than people usually think of it. The essential oil has a powerful scent that can uplift your mood and trigger feelings of calmness and positivity in you. If inhaled, Clary Sage essential oil's scent may help alleviate stress levels by promoting a sense of positivity and wellbeing. A study showed that Clary Sage essential oil might trigger relaxation and lower blood pressure.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil

It is no surprise adding Frankincense essential oil into our best essential oils for depression. The resinous, deep, and heavenly aroma of Frankincense essential oil may help balance hormone levels and brain chemistry while enhancing emotional health. Moreover, Frankincense essential oil can also become a good friend of yours in times of sadness and despair. The oil can recharge your mood and feelings that result in motivation, confidence, and happiness.

6. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil comes from a fruit called "grapefruit." Please do not confuse it with grapes, as the oil has nothing to do with grapes' common fruit. Grapefruit essential oil has a sharp aroma that has a refreshing and uplifting effect on your brain. The oil is also believed to be beneficial for reducing anxiety and fatigue levels in people who are overcoming drug addiction.

7. Lavender Essential Oil

Here's the essential oil that, we would say, is the essence of this blog post. This oil has plenty of benefits for our skin, hair, and nervous system. The lavender essential oil comes from lavender plants, and ancient civilizations used this oil for many health conditions. Lavender essential oil may help relieve anxiety, reduce stress, uplift mood, and decrease stress levels. Moreover, Lavender essential oil is best known for its assistance for people suffering from insomnia and restlessness.

8. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is the Mentha Piperita plant's product, which is the hybridization of spearmint and watermint. The plant's leaves and essential oil have been used for centuries for numerous medicinal and culinary purposes. The oil is associated with relieving many depression symptoms. Inhalation of its powerful aroma may boost your energy levels, confidence, and motivation in stressful situations. Additionally, Peppermint essential oil may contribute to your mood by promoting relaxation and calmness caused by anxiety and insomnia.

9. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange essential oil is extracted from the peels of your favorite fruit "orange" or "Citrus sinensis." Due to Sweet Orange oil's benefits for the nervous system, people often choose it for aromatherapy. Studies show that Sweet Orange essential oil may help uplift your mood and reduce stress levels while promoting a sense of relaxation and calmness. The oil may also benefit people with stomach upset due to higher levels of stress and anxiety. Additionally, research also indicates that inhalation of Sweet Orange essential oil by women in labor led them to feel less anxious and stressed than women who preferred other liquids.

10. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

We end our list of best essential oils for depression with a versatile all-favorite Ylang Ylang essential oil. Ylang Ylang essential oil is considered very useful for balancing the central nervous system and mental relaxation. Ylang Ylang essential oil may help reduce anxiety, stress, and fatigue by directly functioning on brain chemicals.

How to Properly Use the Best Essential Oils for Depression for Required Results

Improper or unwise use of the best essential oils for depression can lead to specific adverse reactions for you. Let us explain how to use them safely and prevent any side-effects.


Diffusion is the way of spreading the aroma of essential oils in your surroundings. This way, you can inhale the fragrance and take the benefits of essential oils. To diffuse any of the best essential oils for depression, you need to buy an electric diffuser. What to do next? Just close your eyes and inhale the aroma, and have fun!

Tissue Diffusion

This is simply a method of diffusion. Take a tissue paper or handkerchief and put a few drops of any of the essential oils. Gently wave the tissue paper near to your nose and inhale the aroma!

Another Way

You can put a few drops of any essential oil on your pillowcase, shirt collar, or on your blanket. The smell of the oil will reach to your nostrils as you breathe in. This method is best suited for Lavender essential oil as the oil may help with good quality sleep.

Word of Caution

Many essential oils can make you feel irritated and uncomfortable. If you, unfortunately, experience any of these conditions, you have the option to skip to some other essential oil. More importantly, it would be best if you discussed with your doctor before using any essential oils.

Mix Essential Oils and Make Your Favorite Recipes for Depression

No doubt that essential oils for depression can give you your desired results but mixing them will add an extra punch. We're also mentioning the essential oils in our blends that we didn't mention in our list, but they're also considered beneficial for mental conditions. Let's prepare some DIY blends right away!

Best Stress Reduction Blend

    • Sweet Orange essential oil: 6 drops
    • Bergamot essential oil: 8 drops
    • Rose essential oil: 8 drops

Best Mood Uplifting Blend

    • Grapefruit essential oil: 10 drops
    • Lavender essential oil: 7 drops
    • Geranium essential oil: 2 drops

Best Blend for Anxiety

    • Cedarwood essential oil: 12 drops
    • Sweet Orange essential oil: 7 drops
    • Chamomile essential oil: 5 drops

All in All

Depression is a mental disorder that is increasing day by day. It's no problem if you find ways to overcome depression. But along with other kinds of treatments or therapies, you must try the best essential oils for depression. These essential oils may help manage symptoms of depression and can make you live a quality life. Furthermore, you can also make certain DIY essential oil blends that can target specific depression symptoms. Don't hesitate for a second and give mother nature a chance to better your overall mental and physical health. We wish you a good, quality, and happy life!

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